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  League Statistics
by: billhunter, 05-12-2013 01:39 PM (#1)

Currently 39 SPA league web representatives have been nominated and have access to scottishpool.org
Information below is based on the 30 to 35 reps who regularly update the data on their league page on behalf of their league.
Statistics have been set out to provide some information about the total and average numbers of players, teams, venues and pool tables in pool leagues.

League Registered Players
(data from 30 leagues)
These are the number of players registered with leagues.
Total registered players 5706
Average per league 190
Total number of registered players per league ranges from 48 to 708 (Dunfermline)

League Regular Players
(from 31 leagues)
These are the number of players who regularly play league pool in the 31 leagues.
Total regular league players 3931
Average regular players in each league 127
The number of regular league players per league ranges from 40 to 400 (Dunfermline)

Teams in League
(from 35 leagues)
These are league teams in a league.
Total of 513 teams in these 35 leagues.
Average teams per league is 15.
The number of teams in each league varies from 8 to 34 (Aberdeen)

League Venues
(data from 34 leagues)
The number of pubs and clubs which provide at least one league team.
Total of 337 venues in these 34 leagues.
Average number of venues per pool league is 10.
This ranges from 1 (Kirkcaldy Styx) to 28 (Aberdeen)

Pool Tables
(information based on 34 leagues)
These are all of the tables available to a league in pubs and clubs.
Total of 590 pool tables.
Average availability of tables per league is 17.
Ranges from 5 to 40 (Aberdeen)

Averages per Pool League Summarised
Registered players 190
Regular players 127
Teams in league 15
Regular players per team 8
League venues 10
Average teams per venue 1.5
Pool tables 17

Aberdeen are the largest league in terms of teams, venues and tables available to their league. Not so when it comes to players.
The average number of regular league players per team for all leagues is close to 8.
Exceptionally Dunfermline league has a total of 400 regular league players. Three divisions of 9 teams means that in the Dunfermline league 24 teams play league pool each week... giving an average turn out per team of nearly 17 players. That's an enviable average of 34 players turning up for every league match. What is the secret of their success?

Using the above data it's possible to estimate the total number of players, teams, venues, tables based on an anticipated total of 45 SPA affiliated leagues in 2014...

Totals for 45 SPA Leagues in 2014
Registered league players 8,550
Regular league players 5,715
League Teams 675
League pubs and clubs 450
Pool tables 765

Any mistakes spotted in calculations please let me know.
Edited by billhunter 05-12-2013 01:54 PM
General Member

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Joined: 27.08.09

RE: League Statistics
by: maxi, 05-12-2013 02:23 PM (#2)

billhunter wrote:

Total number of registered players per league ranges from 48 to 708 (Dunfermline)

How do Dunfermline have 708 registered players from 27 teams?

Are they trying to say that each team on average have over 26 players registered????

And from all those players they can only entice 26 players to enter the IM's??

Think Davy is using Ross's calculation method of counting players Wink
SPA Scottish Doubles Champions 2013
World Champion 2012 (Scotland Seniors Team)
Strathclyde League Singles Champion 2012
Red Triangle Singles League Champion 2012
Superleague 11 & 15 Team Champions 2012 (Team G)
Superleague 11s Challenge Champions (captain)
World Speed Pool Seniors Champion 2010
Paisley Singles Champion 2010
European Masters Senior Team Champions 2010, 2011
Superleague 15's Champions Team G 2009
Belhaven Grand Final Champion 2007
Edited by maxi 05-12-2013 02:24 PM
Fingers crossed!

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RE: League Statistics
by: kyle, 06-12-2013 06:32 AM (#3)

I think it might have been two seasons ago when we had 35 teams, but still don't think teams had 20 plus players
Kyle Cochrane
General Member

Posts: 85
Joined: 29.05.08
Location: dunfermline
Age: 29

RE: League Statistics
by: billhunter, 06-12-2013 09:37 AM (#4)

kyle wrote:
I think it might have been two seasons ago when we had 35 teams, but still don't think teams had 20 plus players

The figures of 708 registered players and of 400 playing regularly on a league match night are the exact numbers entered on behalf of your league on the DDPL league page here...
Do you have an average of 34 players attending every league match? If not, perhaps the page should be updated?
In 2005 DDPL had 42 teams in their league. Like many leagues the numbers of teams and venues have steadily declined.
Edited by billhunter 06-12-2013 09:54 AM
General Member

Posts: 453
Joined: 27.08.09

RE: League Statistics
by: billhunter, 08-12-2013 03:06 PM (#5)

Updated and added to development site... scottishpool.org/...
General Member

Posts: 453
Joined: 27.08.09

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