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The Scottish Pool Association Ľ General Ľ Jackie Paterson 5 Man Team Event
Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
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  Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: FlyingScotsman, 13-12-2016 10:21 AM (#1)

Happy to inform the players that the Jackie Paterson 5 person team events will be held at Pettycur Bay over the weekend of 5/7th May 2017.
The teams who attended last year, will once again be given a certain amount of time to enter before I open it up to others.

So for the full months of December/ January only the teams that attended this year can enter the event.

Teams that did not come this year can still enter on here and I will list them in order of date of entry, this way I believe will be fair on every team.

The event is limited to only 48 teams, this year however there will only be groups of 4 which is smaller than years before but instead of best of 9 the frames will be increased to best of 15, with all frames being played. [ changed based on teams attending last year asking]

Costs are as follows £40 per player[ max 6] plus entry fee of £50 per team.

Prize fund this year will be £3000 based on 48 teams entering.

Bank details will be added later on this page but as I said no need at this time of year to send any money at all, just your team name and players in each team, these can be changed however if some players cannot make it on the day.

As from previous years, only one superstar per team and players have to play from the same IM area, only exception will be for any Lady players.
A Superstar, in my opinion and thatís the one that counts, is someone I believe has/could/would play for the Scottish A team.

If you do not play in the same IM area then you will not be able to play, so donít even ask.

There may be a few teams who come from non members of the SPA but all these will be checked based on one superstar as well.

A one hundred pound non refundable deposit will be taken, if any team pulls out for whatever reason, after paying their deposit, that money will be given to the Mick McGoldrick Foundation.

Groups of 4 with the top 3 from each group going through to the knockout stages,long with the 4 best placed fouth teams, which gives us 40 teams, the bottom 16 using the stats from each group will play off to get into the last 32.

Two points for a win.
Frames for next.
If tie, then result from match.

Prize fund based on 48 teams;

Winners £1200
Runners Up £600
Semi x 2 £300
Quarters x 4 £150

Medals for winners and runners up along with team winner trophy.

This event is a fun event, no dress code and ALL Scottish players are allowed to send teams to this, we have had just last year a good few players who were not SPA players playing in this event, who went back to their leagues informing them of BB rules etc and who have now got their leagues to join with the SPA and this can only help us grow each year.

This year you will see that we have changed the format to only groups of 4, less matchís but more frames, all played out, this also means that on the Saturday we will NOT start early and NOT finish late, as I said this is a fun event and the players attending will have loads of time to do other things on the Saturday night.

Sunday however will be long for the teams that go all the way, starting at 9 am with the bottom 16 teams playing of to get into the last 32, then straight knockout best of 15 , increasing frames at the last 8 on wards.

ISP Scotland account number 00103064 sort code 83 33 00


1/ Team Snecky paid in full MM winners
2/ Watcmacallem paid in full
3/ Vice Squad paid in full [6]
4/ 8 Ball Army paid in full
5/ G McFadden paid in full
6/ Break and Pish paid in full
7/ Mick McCallum £100 deposit
8/ Dingwall Gudgies £100 deposit
9/ Cannon Fodder paid in full
10/ N Breads paid in full
11/ Who gives a Flying Fluke paid in full
12/ We are Perth £100 deposit
13/ Robins Boys £100 deposit
14/ Pannys Bashers Paid in full
15/ Brian Guest RRRRR paid in full [6]
16/ Feels Like Team Spirit £100 deposit
17/ Red Hot chilli Potters £100 deposit
18/ Aldo £100 deposit
19/ 4 Proddies and a Tim £100 deposit
20/ Burnters Barmy army paid in full
21/ John Patterson £150
22/ Ronnies Rockets paid in full
23/ Kinlawesome £100
24/ Coppies £100
25/ Listen Listen £100
26/ The Clock paid in full
27/ Jackies Girls £100
28/ Arbroath Merchants paid in full
29/ V8 inverness paid in full
30/ Hibs Club £100
31/ Avvviiittt £100
32/ Kev
33/ The shire
34/ Styx
35/ Raindrops
36/ RRRRR Malky
37/ Fauldhouse Commercial

The last 6 teams have contacted me through facebook informing me that payment will be in shortly, so I am keeping their places.

I am now opening up the rest of the places to any team on the reserve list.
Edited by FlyingScotsman 02-03-2017 12:04 PM

Posts: 10119
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: FlyingScotsman, 13-12-2016 10:22 AM (#2)

1/ Team Snecky [Mick McGoldrick winners] Full fees paid.
2/ Watcmacallem Plate winners. Full fees paid.
3/ Robin Boys
4/ Kev
5/ The Shire
6/ Bankies Bashers
7/ In Breads
8/ Who Gives a Flying Fluke
9/ Panny Bashers
10/ Mike
11/ Mad Yaks
12/ Listen Listen
13/ Brian Guest
14/ Gerry McFadyen
15/ Mick McCallum
16/ Red Hot Chilli Potters
17/ Feels Like Team Spirit
18/ Raindrops
19/ Ronnies Rockets
20/ Weeksy
21/ Avvviiittt
22/ Cannon Fodder
23/ Chris OHagan
24/ Four Proddies and a Tim
25/ John Paterson
26/ Stop Ball City
27/ Vice Squad
28/ G McLaughlin
29/ Kinlawesome
30/ Gudgies
31/ Cuestars
32/ Levenmouth Leg-Ends
33/ Derek D
34/ Derek D
35/ Derek D
36/ Aldo
37/ Nick Campbell
38/ Poolclaimers
40/ Jackies Girls
41/ Central Ayr
42/ We Are Perth
43/ Five men had a dream.
44/ The Muppets/ Burnsters Barmy army
45/ Cammy Hardgate
46/ Faifley Boys
47/ AN other
48/ Coppies Bar
49/ Ballroom Bawbags
50/ Kelly Hearts ? Kelty?
51/ Carrick Cuerers
52/ Another RRRRR
53/ Merchants Club
54/ Scott Docherty
Edited by FlyingScotsman 06-01-2017 11:16 AM

Posts: 10119
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: stirrer, 13-12-2016 11:03 AM (#3)

add robins boys (Robin Johnston )

Posts: 156
Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Wishaw

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: chalmers7, 13-12-2016 11:53 AM (#4)

Add my team please Ross
General Member

Posts: 566
Joined: 12.07.12
Location: Dunfermline
Age: 28

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: snadz, 13-12-2016 01:18 PM (#5)

Add the shire please ross
follow followWink
General Member

Posts: 84
Joined: 11.11.10
Location: alloa
Age: 49

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: spideradams, 13-12-2016 02:10 PM (#6)

Add bankies bashers played this year
General Member

Posts: 162
Joined: 18.02.09
Location: clydebank
Age: 36

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: allybongopool, 13-12-2016 02:29 PM (#7)

Darryl Bain (Perth)
Add - In Breads - played last year
Who Gives A Flying Fluke - beaten Finalists 2016
European B1 Masters Team Champions 2016
European Masters Speed Pool Champions 2015/2016
Nations Cup Masters Team Runners Up 2016
General Member

Posts: 134
Joined: 12.07.12
Location: PERTH
Age: 55

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: FlyingScotsman, 13-12-2016 03:45 PM (#8)

Panny Bashers, played last year.

Posts: 10119
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: MikeKeddie, 13-12-2016 04:13 PM (#9)

I would like to enter a team but having to play a 5 Man semi final on 4 tables last year was a joke. You cant get any team spirit going and definitely affects all players playing. I know you can say its the same for both players but its not the point for a national championships. Would this happen again? By the way, this is my only criticism of the event.
Edited by MikeKeddie 13-12-2016 04:13 PM
General Member

Posts: 122
Joined: 30.11.13

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: wishy1987, 13-12-2016 04:46 PM (#10)

Madyaks kdy played last year
General Member

Posts: 4
Joined: 20.08.15
Location: Kirkcaldy
Age: 31

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: Craig t, 13-12-2016 05:16 PM (#11)

Craig thomson - listen listen
Played last year
Craig t
General Member

Posts: 25
Joined: 25.11.14
Location: Central ayrshire

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: brian guest, 13-12-2016 05:50 PM (#12)

Could u enter my team please Ross will get back to you with new name for team changing it this year
brian guest
General Member

Posts: 39
Joined: 17.11.15
Location: west calder
Age: 43

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: mcfad1, 13-12-2016 08:28 PM (#13)

Can you add
1 Gerry mc fadyen (team)
2 Mick mc callum (team)
from Coatbridge played last yr
General Member

Posts: 94
Joined: 05.03.14
Location: Coatbridge
Age: 57

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: Jenny, 14-12-2016 02:10 PM (#14)

What state will the caravans be?

The caravan we had was disgusting. We got it changed to a slighter better disgusting caravan.
£200 for a dirty smelly caravan is not my idea of fun I'm afraid Ross.
So unless there are guarantees that the caravans will be clean and habitable then stick Red Hot Chilli Potters in.
Thanks x
General Member

Posts: 628
Joined: 04.02.08
Location: Prestonpans

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: JAMESFMAGUIRE, 14-12-2016 04:10 PM (#15)

can you add [feels like team spirit, ] jimmy mcmeekin same as last year.
General Member

Posts: 75
Joined: 05.08.11
Location: GLASGOW

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: Rossco, 14-12-2016 05:47 PM (#16)

Can you add Raindrops please
Edited by Rossco 14-12-2016 05:47 PM

Posts: 146
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: Airdrie

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: thekid, 15-12-2016 02:35 AM (#17)

Ronnies rockets
General Member

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Location: Dunfermline
Age: 27

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: weeksy, 15-12-2016 07:16 AM (#18)

Add a team for me please

Posts: 806
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: berwick

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: FCBash, 15-12-2016 08:35 PM (#19)

Please add Avvviiittt (Arbroath and played last year)

SPA IM Secretary
Arbroath & District Match Secretary
General Member

Posts: 1860
Joined: 09.12.10
Location: Arbroath

RE: Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team 2017
by: Strider, 15-12-2016 09:46 PM (#20)

Add Cannon Fodder again please

Posts: 77
Joined: 11.02.10
Location: Arbroath

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