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West of Scotland grand final
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  West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 04-09-2017 08:39 AM (#1)

Firstly thanks to everyone who has supported the tour over the course of the year....it has been a great success..and I hope you have all enjoyed it.and come back again next year....a few things to look at for next year to make it better but already have things in motion to make that happen...
Such as bringing on board 2 sponsors in bob tinney and paul corrigan,who are going to fund new equipment for the tour including balls and streaming equipment etc...so thanks to them both for coming on board..it's greatly appreciated..
There will also be an event held in Jonny Slavin's new club in Motherwell..
Which is due to open very shortly with around 14 new tables being installed..
This event will be done in a sets format..with matches being best of 3 sets at races to 4...
There will also be changes to certain rules and stipulations..I won't go into them just now but I will be looking to tighten things up as certain guys are taking the NO SWEARING!! TBH and that's not right!!!
So that will be addressed!!

On the whole tho a great tour and a great success..
I would also like to thank the venues
Qclub,pockets and cuehere for there continued support of the tour..

Onto the grand final !!!!

West of Scotland grand final
Sept 30/oct 1
Pockets paisley

Total prize fund

Winner 600
Runner up 400
Semis 300
Quarters 200
Last 16 100

I will list the players who have all qualified for the grand final.
With the first 96 being in automatically and the remainder as reserves..
Remember the grand final is seeded..
The top 32 seeded players will have a bye through to the last 64!!

If anyone can't make the grand final please can you inform me so I can take you out and adjust the list..thanks..

Full list of players for grand final in order of seeding...

1.vincent bimendi
2.dawud Qadir
3.lee killen **
4.colin Downie
5.ryan fisher
6.ryan davie
7.graham sillars
8.alan Barnes
9.jamie mccutcheon
10.rab Allen
11.kenny rankin
12.sean riach
13.bryan Taylor
14.dylan bonar **
15.andy finnigan
16.stevie Adams
17.walter edment
18.terri Lapsley
19.paul Mcintyre
20.gerrard Ferrie
21.david Baillie
22.andrew will
23.john feeney
24.scott Docherty
25.scott Johnston
26.paul graham
27.allan hazel
28.jim Wilson
29.paul aird
30.kevin Mclean
31.daniel Oconner
32.barry smith
33.robert Douglas
34.alan maxwell **
35.colin mckechnie
36.jamie Burnett
37.angus Cockburn
38.marc Hendry **
39.ross Hendrie
40.allan Oneill
41.frank Mcdonald
42.graham hardie **
43.jamie cairns
44.Ryan Gilmour
45.davie Reid **
46.richard Reid
47.martyn mcquarrie
48.jonjo Mccauley
49.iain Gault
50.martin Keenan
51.jamie smith
52.brian Garrick
53.john mcginn
54.paul cochrane
55.mike Mchardy
56.david Rooney **
57.george Fagan
58.stuart martin
59.declan Maley
60.scott rose
61.william Edmiston
62.david farrell
63.darren Riley
64.kevin chalmers **
65.george p snr
66.bryan murray
67.chris Mullen
68.jimmy Mcmeekan
69.joe herring **
70.kevin Andrews
71.benjamin brogan
72.gerry Quigley
73.anthony bennison
74.anton Riley
75.thomas Mcwhirter **
76.xander Downie
77.alan Kane
78.robert edment
79.graham Baxter
80.kathy Paton
81.ryan walker
82.mark smith
83.alex grant
84.craig onion
85.boab tinney **

The grand final is free as is paid for by the tour deposits paid at the start of the tour..
Any player with a ** beside there name has 20 entry to pay on the day!!

I will also take 20 tour deposits on the day of the grand final for all existing players for next years tour to give all exsisting players first refusal for next years tour...entries will be opened up to everyone else from the following day!!

Timings for grand final are as follows
Don't worry if you don't follow this..
Everyone will have a time put beside there name 1 week b4 the event so they know exactly what time they need to be at the venue for ..

Last 96
11am players ranked 33-48 & 81-96
1pm players ranked 49-80

Last 64
2pm players ranked 1-16 to turn up for
4pm players ranked 17-32 to turn up for

Last 32
6pm and 7pm

Last 16

Sunday 1pm



Edited by vinnyvegas 01-10-2017 10:12 AM

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RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 04-09-2017 11:17 AM (#2)

Matches from last 16 onwards will be first to 10.

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Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 05-09-2017 10:09 PM (#3)

List updated and players taken out who have confirmed they cannot make the grand final..
If there is anyone else who cannot make it please let me know asap !!!

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Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: THE BOSSMAN, 06-09-2017 01:01 AM (#4)

Am in stoke that weekend take me out

Edited by THE BOSSMAN 06-09-2017 01:02 AM

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RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: MJ Hire, 11-09-2017 09:29 AM (#5)

Vinny, I'll be in London mate on the 30th, sorry
MJ Hire
General Member

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Location: carnbroe
Age: 45

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: crackers, 12-09-2017 08:32 PM (#6)

vinny I m on holiday too mate can t make the final ,sorry for lateness!
General Member

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Location: Airdrie

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: junior1, 13-09-2017 02:11 PM (#7)

I can't make it Vinny
Edited by junior1 13-09-2017 02:12 PM

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RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: scottishslack, 13-09-2017 05:19 PM (#8)

Im abroad Vinny, advised by txt.
General Member

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Location: Glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 14-09-2017 07:59 AM (#9)

Is there anyone else that can't make it????
I'll put the full draw up on Sunday!!

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Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: 2fast2furious, 14-09-2017 08:10 AM (#10)

I will not be able to make it Vinny

Stuart Buchanan

Posts: 120
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Location: monklands

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: Subaru, 14-09-2017 08:18 AM (#11)

scottishslack wrote:
Im abroad Vinny, advised by txt.

everyone knows your a broad

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Location: Paisley

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: Morty70, 14-09-2017 09:46 AM (#12)

Can you add me to reserve list ta. John Morton
General Member

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Age: 48

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: Morty70, 14-09-2017 09:47 AM (#13)

Sorry wrong thread ignore ta.
General Member

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Age: 48

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: thunderbird, 15-09-2017 12:58 PM (#14)

Stevie Sheridan not making it Vincent.
Next CUE HERE tournament, Saturday ,23rd Feb , 2019

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RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 18-09-2017 11:46 PM (#15)

Full draw for grand final is as follows!!!

11am last 96
Ryan Gilmour 3.8 boab tinney
Davie Reid (bye) 8 v 0 craig onion
Richard Reid 8.0 Alex grant
Martyn mcquarrie 0.0mark smith
Jonjo Mccauley 0 v 0 ryan walker
Iain Gault 0.8 bye Kathy Paton
Martin Keenan 8.7 graham Baxter
Jamie smith bye 8.0 robert edment
12noon last 96
Brian Garrick 0.8 bye alan Kane
John mcginn 0.8 xander Downie
Paul cochrane 0.8 bye thomas Mcwhirter
Mike Mchardy 5.8 anton Riley
David Rooney bye 8.0 anthony bennison
George Fagan bye 8.0 gerry Quigley
Stuart martin 0.8 Benjamin brogan
Declan Maley 0.0 kevin Andrews
1pm last 96
Scott rose 3.8 joe herring
William Edmiston 0.8 bye jimmy Mcmeekan
David farrell 8.2 chris Mullen
Darren Riley 0.8 bryan murray
Kevin chalmers 0.8 bye george p snr

2pm last 64
Players 1-16 turn up at this time!!

Vincent bimendi v bye
Dawud Qadir v bye
Lee killen v bye
colin Downie 8.5 boab tinney
Ryan fisher 8.2 Kathy Paton
Ryan davie 8.0alan Kane
Graham sillars 8.3 xander Downie
Alan Barnes 8.3 thomas Mcwhirter
Jamie mccutcheon 8.1 anton Riley
Rab Allen 8.7 Ben brogan
Kenny rankin 5.8 joe herring
Sean riach 8.6 jimmy Mcmeekan
Bryan Taylor 6.8 bryan murray
Dylan bonar 8.4 george p snr
Andy finnigan 4.8 david farrell
Stevie Adams 0.8 george Fagan

Players 17-43 turn up at this time
Walter edment 7.8 david Rooney
Terri Lapsley 8.0 Jamie smith
Paul Mcintyre 5.8 martin Keenan
Gerrard Ferrie 4.8 Richard Reid
Andy will 8.2 davie Reid
John feeney 8.0 jamie cairns
Scott Docherty 4.8 graham hardie
Scott Johnston 8.6 frank Mcdonald
David Baillie 0.0 allan Oneill
Paul graham 8.0 ross Hendrie
Allan hazel 7.8 marc Hendry
Jim Wilson 8.6 angus Cockburn
Paul aird 0.8 jamie Burnett
Kevin Mclean 8.7 colin mckechnie
Daniel Oconner 3.8 alan maxwell
Barry smith 8.6 robert Douglas

Last 32

Vincent bimendi 8.0 bye
Dawud Qadir 8.2 joe herring
Lee killen 5.8 bryan murray
Colin Downie 6.8 david farrell
Ryan fisher 3.8 george Fagan
Ryan davie v david Rooney in play
Graham sillars 8.1 martin Keenan
Alan Barnes 8.7 Richard Reid
Jamie mccutcheon 8.6 graham hardie
Rab Allen 8.5 marc Hendry
Sean riach 6.8 jamie Burnett
Dylan bonar 3.8 alan maxwell
Terri Lapsley 5.8 barry smith
Andy will 8.3 kevin Mclean
John feeney 3.8 jim Wilson
Scott Johnston 4.8 paul graham
Edited by vinnyvegas 30-09-2017 11:47 PM

Posts: 1592
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 20-09-2017 09:16 AM (#16)

I will start taking entries for next years tour the day after the grand final...
All existing members have 1st chance to confirm and pay tour entry on the day of grand final...
First 96 paid tour entry are the 96 in each event...others after that are reserves in order of tour entry received...!!!
This will fill quickly as had around 160 players on the tour this year,so make sure you confirm quickly to ensure your in the 96 or as high up the reserve list as possible...

8 events plus grand final
Using pockets,qclub,cuehere and tjs..
20 per event
First to 8s increasing from last 16 stage..
Tjs event is a best of 3 sets tourney with races increasing from last 16 stage..
Players must play in a minimum of 5/8 events to qualify for grand final..
Rankings 15pts for attendance and 1pt per frame won...
Timed draws
No shows are not allowed and will result in a 20 fine which will go towards grand final prize fund!l so always let me know if can't make an event!!!
Winners trophies for each event..
Prize fund of approx 1500 per event
Grand final prize fund of approx 4000!!!
Edited by vinnyvegas 20-09-2017 09:26 AM

Posts: 1592
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 26-09-2017 07:55 AM (#17)


Posts: 1592
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 27-09-2017 08:48 AM (#18)

Guys we will run ahead of schedule on Saturday with a couple byes in the early matches..so if players from 2pm onwards want to turn up half hour or hour early you may get on earlier than advertised...cheers

Posts: 1592
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 30-09-2017 11:55 PM (#19)

Well done to all players who qualified through today to reach the last 16!!

All matches from last 16 will be first to 10!!!

Last 16 1pm Sunday

Vincent bimendi 10.8 bryan murray
Dawud Qadir 2.10 david farrell
Ryan davie 10.3 george Fagan
Graham sillars 10.5 jamie Burnett
Alan Barnes 4.10 alan maxwell
Jamie mccutcheon 7.10 barry smith
Rab Allen 10.6 jim Wilson
Andy will 6.10 paul graham


Vincent bimendi 10.4 david farrell
Ryan davie 10.3 alan maxwell
Graham sillars 10.5 barry smith
Rab Allen 10.7 paul graham


Vincent bimendi 10.5 rab Allen
Ryan davie 10.2 graham sillars


Vincent bimendi 10.8 ryan davie


Vincent bimendi !!!!

Full report will be up tom!!
Edited by vinnyvegas 01-10-2017 07:48 PM

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Location: glasgow

RE: West of Scotland grand final
by: vinnyvegas, 02-10-2017 02:41 PM (#20)

Well that's the tour over for this year guys...
It's been a great success I'm sure you will all agree and with a few changes and improvements will be better than ever next year..
Still can't believe I won it lol
But just like to tfank all the players who played in the tour and to each venue for your hospitality and use of your tables...
I will put a post on later regarding next years tour and start taking new entries from tonight once the post goes up.

Cheers guys..

Posts: 1592
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Location: glasgow

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