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The Scottish Pool Association General Super 15s
S15 Squads
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  S15 Squads
by: secretary, 06-09-2017 02:37 PM (#1)

Could managers add their squads here so Michael can add to spread sheet and I can add to app.

Team Name

Forename Surname

No need for numbers

You can alter squad right up to event.... but please don't just edit a previous post as it may be overlooked.

List of Teams still to submit squad details:-

Premier Division - 27-29th October

First Division - 17-19th November
Falkirk B
Whitburn A

Second Division - 3-5th November
Cumbernauld A

Third Division - 10-12th November
Cumbernauld B
Livingston B
Edited by secretary 08-09-2017 10:13 AM
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Location: Scotland

RE: S15 Squads
by: Danny the geetar man, 06-09-2017 07:02 PM (#2)

Bannockburn A

Danny Wilson (Captain)
Matthew Turner
Robert Marr
James Miller
Paul Rogerson
Jake Gardner
Craig Alexander
Mark Sheriden
Derek McCallum
George Parker
Paul McKechnie
Darren O'sullivan
Gary Bolton
Sean McPake
Cammy Barclay
Marc Wilkie
Danny Wilson

Superleague A Team Captain

Bannockburn Pool League Rep

Feel The Burn!!!

Danny the geetar man
General Member

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Location: Stirling
Age: 31

RE: S15 Squads
by: Bezberrie, 07-09-2017 09:13 PM (#3)

Inverness A

David Berrie (Capt.)
James MacNeil (Vice)
Gary Bryce
Alec Docherty
Jimmy Mackenzie
Paul Mackenzie
Graham Brooman
Martin Findlay
Lorne Campbell
John Macaleaney
Graham Mooney
Ali Mooney
James Duncan
Jamie Mccowatt
Stevie Pearce
Martin Shaw
General Member

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Location: Inverness
Age: 40

RE: S15 Squads
by: briangar, 08-09-2017 08:53 AM (#4)

Kilmarnock A

Billy Henderson (captain)
Brian Garrick (vice)
Martin Fisher
Stuart McCullough
Jim McGeachie
Tam McIntosh
Davy Lusk
Davy Boyd
Stevie Hill
Alan Stewart
Billy Brown
Sandy Lorimer
Greg Morris
Campbell Dunlop
Sammy McMillan
Alan Barnes
Edited by briangar 08-09-2017 08:55 AM
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Location: kilmarnock
Age: 47

RE: S15 Squads
by: stevieg1982, 08-09-2017 09:13 AM (#5)

Thurso A

Stevie Gray (Captain)
Gary Oag
Stevie Elder
Willie Mackay
Andy Macgregor
Dave Mcgillivray
Michael Macgregor
Alan Mackenzie
Keith Foubister
Gordie Manson
Shane Honeyman
Jordan Youngson
Rian Macgregor
Bruce Honeyman
Raymond Taylor
Stevie Gray
Thurso & District Pool League

Super 11's Div3 Champions 2017
European B Team Champions 2017
European B Team Champions 2015
General Member

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Location: Thurso
Age: 36

RE: S15 Squads
by: pedro, 08-09-2017 09:51 AM (#6)

Clackmannanshire A

Sean mcewan (captain)
Billy snaddon
Pete smith
Billy stirling
Barry wraith
Mikey polley
Gordon Jaglar
Grant Polley
Michael boyd
Kris glass
Steven smith
Colin statter
Allan houston
Greg wardlaw
Murray fleming
Joe glass
Alan banks
European B Team Champions 2010,2011,2012 & 2013
Scottish Singles R/Up 2011
Scottish Senior Champion 2011
SPA Golf Champion 2012
Edited by pedro 18-09-2017 08:03 PM
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Location: clackmannanshire

RE: S15 Squads
by: Steven K, 08-09-2017 10:03 AM (#7)

Dumfries A

Paul Harkness (C)
Liam McPherson
Steven Kirkpatrick
Daniel Wylie
Daniel Thom
Dennis Cameron
Andy Lammie Snr
Andy Moffat
Paul Hamilton
Peter Scott
Jonny Robertson
Les Donaldson
Mark Donnan
Mark Lockhart
Jamie Stewart
Steven K
General Member

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Location: Dumfries
Age: 31

RE: S15 Squads
by: Cyclone, 08-09-2017 10:21 AM (#8)

Motherwell A

Robert Edment (C)
Angus Cockburn (VC)
Robert Williams
John Macfarlane
Gerry Quigley
Paddy Sullivan
Martin Keenan
Billy Neil
Jamie Mccutcheon
Robert McAdam
Paul McIntyre
Walter Edment
Stewart Smith
Ryan Fisher
Craig Martin
Greg McMillan
John Slavin
Michael Collumb
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Location: Overtown

RE: S15 Squads
by: Cyclone, 08-09-2017 12:11 PM (#9)

Motherwell C

Squad for the playoff

Kelly Dunn- captain
Jamie Gibson-vice captain
Brent Wilson
Alan Corns
Nicky Ferguson
Colin McEwan
Keith McCorquodale
Scott Colins
Curtis Adair
Ian Crooks
Ross Hill
Norry Hughes
Stuart Bence
Stephen Devine
Chick McCormac
Stevie Brown
Stephen Mcgillivray
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Posts: 731
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Location: Overtown

RE: S15 Squads
by: marksmith1961, 08-09-2017 01:35 PM (#10)

East Ayrshire A..

Mark Smith
Ally Mair
Gary Oneil
Rab Gray
Kenny Erskine
Stephen Pioli
Kenny Mclean
Kevin Grimes
Stevie Warnock
Colin Welsh
Kevin Trow
John Welsh
Jamie McKay
Johnny McDermid
Billy Reid
Mark Smith.
General Member

Posts: 67
Joined: 11.01.14
Location: Kilmarnock
Age: 57

RE: S15 Squads
by: Cyclone, 08-09-2017 02:01 PM (#11)

Motherwell B

Chris sheehan captain
John morrison
Jim mcgeary
Alex struthers
James bucannan
Gary parvin
Tam aitchison
Liam crowe
Drew maloney
Ian sommerville
John kerr
Craig scott
Alan kinmont
Davie stewart
Alan gregg
Terri lapsley
Wattie melville
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Location: Overtown

RE: S15 Squads
by: PaulRamsay67, 10-09-2017 12:53 PM (#12)

Clydebank A

jeff ng
John Spence
Brian McCourt
Dylan Gault
Toni kane
rab smith
Gordon wilkie
Stephen colgan
John dick
Craig Christie
Kenny fox
syd cook
George Brown
James Casey
George Cunningham
David Baillie
Alan McDougall
General Member

Posts: 47
Joined: 06.07.17
Location: Clydebank

RE: S15 Squads
by: Steven K, 18-09-2017 02:15 PM (#13)

Dumfries B

Alan Bell
John Currie
Dean Livingstone
Graeme McNeil
Alan Mensdorf
Steve Garner
Tam Corson
Jordan Gilmour
Al Parker
Lewis Tait
Nathan Watt
Finlay Thomson
Sean Rutherford
Jayde Devlin
Andy Lammie Jnr
Steven K
General Member

Posts: 156
Joined: 29.07.11
Location: Dumfries
Age: 31

RE: S15 Squads
by: secretary, 18-09-2017 08:15 PM (#14)

Squads required to be added to the PoolAppLive
General Member

Posts: 3360
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Location: Scotland

RE: S15 Squads
by: Fordy110, 20-09-2017 09:26 PM (#15)

Edinburgh B

James Ford (Captain)
Craig Hunter
Ryan Coyle
Chris Hilton
Chris Scott
Gregg Doyle
Ian McCombe
Stephen Slater
Mark McGregor
Derek Dudgeon
Mick McKinlay
Keith Burrell
Craig Ronaldson
Sean Mowat
Calum Ferguson
Robert Biggar
Paul Marinello
James Ford pint
We're from the Capital your from a sh!tehole ShockShock

2017 Super 15's Division 1 Champions
Edited by Fordy110 31-10-2017 11:45 PM
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Location: Edinburgh
Age: 36

RE: S15 Squads
by: bagpuss, 21-09-2017 04:24 PM (#16)

East Fife A

Kevin MacLeod
Alan Saunders
Jamie Simpson
Mike Murdoch
George Eaves
Sean Corcoran
Paul McQuade
Andy McEwan
Alan Davidson
Gary Cassells
Dan Inglis
Bob Norrie
Mark Duncan
Aaron Daly
Alan Henderson
Barry Galloway

Posts: 250
Joined: 16.01.08
Location: Fife

RE: S15 Squads
by: kriskross, 22-09-2017 05:09 PM (#17)

East Fife B

Jim Murray
Steven Shepherd
Dean Vedmore
Joe Buchan
Dave Martin
Kris Cairns
Alan Rougvie
Craig Nicholson
Joshua Kerr
Corey Morrison
Dave McIvor
Mike Burns
Craig Davidson
Paul Martin
Kyle Leighton
General Member

Posts: 30
Joined: 03.03.11
Location: Glenrothes
Age: 39

RE: S15 Squads
by: Marshall, 24-09-2017 11:21 AM (#18)

Perth A

Ally Menzies
Andy Kinmont
Andy Rylance
Calum Menzies
David Ferguson
David Fong
Donnie Currie
Jay Pettie
Kyle Tully
Lee Marshall (Captain)
Niel Rogers
Paul Gowrie
Paul Thomson
Scot Sherrit
Steven Reilly
Willie Gray

Perth B

Allan Kelman Sr.
Andy Cheuk
Andy Cowan
Charles Lumsden
Craig Hamill
David Cowan
George Faulkner
Ian McDonald
John Craib
Kevin Bloice
Mark McConachie
Raymond Phillips
Ross Frogley
Spence Jamieson
Steve Mill
Willie Reid (Captain)
Lee Marshall

SPA Referee
Perth SPA Rep
General Member

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Location: Perth
Age: 43

RE: S15 Squads
by: PaulEOF, 24-09-2017 08:46 PM (#19)

East Fife C Team

Paul Marshall (C)
Gary Cameron (VC)
Tam Forbes
Shug Murphy
Jamie Wight
Andy Pandy Jones
Tommy Sargenti
Iain Duff
Scott Robertson
Kevin Ritchie
Peter Moggach
Derek Stark
Gary Bremner
Sam McArdle
Paul Munro
James Thomson
General Member

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Location: East of Fife
Age: 38

RE: S15 Squads
by: staggie72, 25-09-2017 07:17 PM (#20)

Dingwall A

Mark cassidy jnr
Mark cassidy snr
Colin Macarthur
Davie bremner
Iain MacManus
Brian Macnair
Brian Cameron (captain)
Charlie cassidy
George urquhart
Kevin Macauley
Gary Tuach
Gary Wright
Hugh Ross
Andrew McGhie
Liam Peoples
Ralph Mercer
Edited by staggie72 25-09-2017 07:19 PM
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Age: 46

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Could someone from the committee please get in touch with an Edinburgh rep as there seems to be a lot of unrest and I don't want it to escalate thanks

Would appreciate it if you could post 2014 Super 15 Stats 2nd division...cant seem to find them.

Pm for David Duncan

When is the draw for im1 being posted ?

Cheers FCBash

Can somebody tell me where i can find 2017 super 11s player stats? Cant find them in the Super 11s folder only team results....

Bash sent you a pm

All stats will be published upon completion of all S15 events.

Any player stats being posted from the 2nd decision?

When the seniors draw getting done?

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