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2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
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  2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: FCBash, 28-01-2018 08:49 PM (#1)

Please use this forum if posting the qualifiers for the 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Finals.

I do ask that this is left to Reps to post full lists rather than individuals posting one qualifier at a time.

As usual, this will, hopefully, also act as a reminder for those Reps who have still not submitted their area qualifiers and/or full results.

The following areas have not submitted their qualifiers:

Midlothian/East Lothian
West Fife

REMINDER: The deadline for qualifiers is midnight on Sunday 25th February.

The following areas have submitted their qualifiers but have NOT submitted their full list of results:

Central Ayrshire
East Ayrshire
East Fife

REMINDER: The deadline for full results is midnight on Wednesday 28th February.

Extract from email to be sent to Reps:

These deadlines will be strictly enforced; any late submission of area qualifiers will mean the area will lose their qualifying spaces. Late submission of full results shall see players who did not qualify for the national finals from that area lose their ranking/merit points for that event.

SPA IM Secretary
Arbroath & District Match Secretary
Edited by FCBash Today 07:46 AM
General Member

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Joined: 09.12.10
Location: Arbroath

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: weeksy, 29-01-2018 09:40 AM (#2)

Berwick upon tweed
Stuart weeks jnr
Bob Morrison
Alan dempster
Iain Gibson

Posts: 775
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: berwick

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: MAXIMAN, 30-01-2018 09:17 AM (#3)

East Kilbride Qualifiers

Grant McNairn
James Hanney
Alex Campbell
General Member

Posts: 1
Joined: 25.08.16
Location: East Kilbride
Age: 36

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: bagpuss, 1 week ago 12:39 PM (#4)

East of Fife Qualifiers

1 Peter Morton
2 Craig Davidson
3 George Eaves
4 Mike Shepherd
5 Gordon Thomson
6 Mike Murdoch
7 Dan Inglis
Edited by bagpuss 3 days ago 09:04 PM

Posts: 232
Joined: 16.01.08
Location: Fife

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: gandalph, 1 week ago 06:30 PM (#5)

Ladies qualifier

Lee Stevenson
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General Member

Posts: 1052
Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Glasgow

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Fruits, 1 week ago 07:10 PM (#6)

Central Ayrshire Qualifiers

1. Davie Paterson
2. Chris Giffney
3. Lee Killen
General Member

Posts: 88
Joined: 26.02.10
Location: Central Ayrshire
Age: 29

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: junior1, 1 week ago 08:47 PM (#7)


Sean McInrue
Dougie Adair
Craig Michael

Posts: 438
Joined: 14.01.08
Location: glasgow

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Danny the geetar man, 1 week ago 10:21 PM (#8)


Gavin Kerr
Kevin Robertson
Raymond Mclachlan
Superleague A Team Captain

Bannockburn Pool League Rep

Feel The Burn!!!

Danny the geetar man
General Member

Posts: 137
Joined: 15.12.14
Location: Stirling
Age: 30

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: jagerbomb, 1 week ago 01:14 AM (#9)

Borders IM 1 qualifiers are
Alan Marshall
Geoff Campbell
Ian middlemass
General Member

Posts: 3
Joined: 27.08.16
Location: hawick
Age: 48

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Cyclone, 1 week ago 11:37 AM (#10)

Motherwell Qualifiers

Dougie Gold
Robert Edment
Clark Smith
Billy Neil
Robert Williams or Paul McIntyre
Mark Williams
Dylan Bonar
Gregg McMillan
Chris Slack

Top 64
Scott Gillespie
Jamie Burnett
John MacFarlane
Paul McCutcheon
Jamie McCutcheo
Michael Collumb
Ryan Fisher
Robert McAdam
Edited by Cyclone Today 09:46 AM
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Posts: 677
Joined: 13.01.08
Location: Overtown

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: AllanONeil, 6 days ago 02:43 PM (#11)

Cumbernauld IM1 Qualifiers

Allan O'Neil
Paul Crawford
Steven Walker
Robert Hoey Jnr
Kevin Glen

Full results have been emailed to Michael and Yvonne.
Edited by AllanONeil 6 days ago 10:39 PM
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General Member

Posts: 77
Joined: 12.06.14
Location: Cumbernauld
Age: 29

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Danny the geetar man, 6 days ago 05:16 PM (#12)

Bannockburn full results emailed today.
Superleague A Team Captain

Bannockburn Pool League Rep

Feel The Burn!!!

Danny the geetar man
General Member

Posts: 137
Joined: 15.12.14
Location: Stirling
Age: 30

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: dangermouse, 6 days ago 06:47 PM (#13)

East Ayrshire qualifiers

1. John McConnachie
2. Ross Dixon
3 Dougie Wright
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General Member

Posts: 66
Joined: 09.06.09
Location: pool table
Age: 27

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: young-gun1, 5 days ago 12:52 AM (#14)

Ayr and district

Heat 1 - David Ross

Heat 2 - Stevie Elder
Graeme Hay
Edited by young-gun1 Today 09:15 PM
General Member

Posts: 117
Joined: 02.02.08
Location: Ayr

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: danny, Yesterday 05:32 PM (#15)

Midlothian qualifiers:

1. Brain York
2. Richard Walkingshaw
3. Greg Bonar
4. Struan Bain / John Robertson
5. Mark Lawrence
6. Danny Turner
7. Stuart Carroll

All the best
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General Member

Posts: 582
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: everywhere
Age: 46

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Marshall, Yesterday 05:56 PM (#16)

Perth Qualifiers

1. Ally Menzies
2. Ian McDonald
3. Willie Reid
4. Lee Marshall or Graham Fyffe
5. Willie Gray

Top 64 - Scott Dunbar
Lee Marshall
Perth SPA Rep
Edited by Marshall Today 11:50 PM
General Member

Posts: 355
Joined: 16.06.09
Location: Perth
Age: 42

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Ivan Thompson, Yesterday 10:12 PM (#17)

Cowdenbeath qualifier
Ivan Thompson

I know you just wants reps to post qualifiers but I won’t take chances due to not being entered in an IM a few seasons ago.
Ivan Thompson

Posts: 121
Joined: 05.02.08
Location: Cowdenbeath

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: peterrob, Today 03:24 PM (#18)

Coatbridge Qualifiers

Joe Foley
David Kane
James Cairns
Mick McCallum
Andy McSorley
David McKenzie
Colin Locke

Top 64

Paddy McMullan
Andrew Norrie
Marc Johnstone
General Member

Posts: 174
Joined: 12.11.13
Location: Airdrie via Coatbridge
Age: 38

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: Silky198, Today 08:43 PM (#19)

Kirkcaldy Qualifiers:

Mike Keddie
Kevin Corcoran
Kyle Reid
Chris Corcoran
Alan Sommerville
Dean Hutchison
Stephen Corcoran

Top 64

Andy MacKinnon
Robert Warrender
Shaun Wishart
Ian Lally

Posts: 123
Joined: 12.05.08
Location: Kirkcaldy

RE: 2018 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers
by: briangar, Today 10:49 PM (#20)

1. Thomas McIntosh
2. Sandy Lorimer
3. Ross Clark
4. David Armstrong
5. Mark McAllister Jnr
6. Iain Clark
7. Brian Garrick
8. Stefan Goudie
9. Scott Cowan

Top 64

Graeme Sillars
Martin Fisher
Billy Henderson
Jim McGeachie
Edited by briangar Today 10:50 PM
General Member

Posts: 160
Joined: 14.02.12
Location: kilmarnock
Age: 46

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19/02/2018 07:48
Thistle, venue has been confirmed as TJ's, Motherwell

19/02/2018 07:48
Fordy, nothing yet, Awaiting dates for International events to be confirmed

18/02/2018 20:30
Has the venue for the Masters Tour Event 2 been Confirmed

17/02/2018 14:56
Any update on what dates the premier division 15s will be?

14/02/2018 00:32
FC Bash you are a legend

06/02/2018 12:40
Thanks FC BASH

05/02/2018 21:19
Davy, I am hoping to get the remainder fo the draws/schedules up this weekend. Possibly sooner for the 1st Division

05/02/2018 10:21
When is the draw for the super 11s 3rd division guys

04/02/2018 21:33
Thanks Bash

04/02/2018 21:31
After the deadline for payment has passed and when the payments have been collated to ensure everyone has paid. I'd estimate tomorrow (Monday) evening.

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