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Wos tour event 3 draw
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  Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 02-02-2018 04:23 PM (#1)

West of Scotland tour
Event 3
Qclub Charing Cross Glasgow
March 10/11

All table have recently been recovered with the blue Simonis cloth..
The Celtic v rangers game is on the Sunday and will be live on tv in the club

Draw is as follows
In no particular order

Sat 11am

Jack mcgarvey
Jim meikle
George fagan reserve required
Robert flint
Sean kemp reserve required
Scott gillespie
Dylan bonar
Stevie Sheridan
Vincent bimendi
Chris Gibson
Frank Mcdonald
Jonjo mccauley
Scott rose reserve required
Sean riach reserve required
Mark Conway reserve required
Chris mullen

Sat 12.15pm

John Dawson
Paul aird
Walter edment
Paul Sanderson
Lee killen
Ryan davie
Steven mcgurn reserve required
Andy lees
Jonny Slavin
Billy Edmont reserve required
David farrell
Gerry quigley
Andy will
Joe herring
Bob tinney
Danny Hughes

2nd round matches at 1.30pm
3rd round matches at 2.45pm

Sat 4pm

Paul graham
Chris slack
Daniel Oconner
Bryan murray (glas)
Mike mchardy
Geoff Campbell
John mcginn
Len ratcliffe
George paton jnr
Paul mcintyre
Kevin mclean
Mark johnstone
Darren orr
Andy Biggam
Martin Keenan
Charlie shaw

Sat 5.15pm

Antz Morrison
Jourdon templeton
Scott Docherty
Marco pediani
Davie reid
Jim Devlin
Alan Kinmont
Anton Conner
Allan Barnes
Kieran riddell
Graham Baxter
Robert Allen reserve required
George paton snr
Andy finnigan
Alan kane
Willie Biggam

2nd round matches 6.30pm
3rd round matches 7.45pm

Sunday 11am

Jim Steven
John Mcfarlane
Jim Wilson
Marc hendry
Darren Riley
Mark nailen
David baillie
Tony mccartan
Colin Downie
Gary scott
Davie Paterson
Joe Findlay
James casey
Scott simpson
Andy rhattigan
John kerr

Sun 12.15pm

Allan hazel
Graham hardie
Anton Riley
Jimmy Mcmeekan
Darren murray
Graham sillars
Steven tosh
Dylan stanfield
William Edmiston
Bob Douglas
Ben brogan
Thomas mcwhirter
Colin mckechnie
Tony Silvestro
Andy McKinnon
Jamie smith

2nd round matches 1.30pm

Last 16 3pm
Quarters 4,30pm
Semis 6pm
Final 7.30pm


Jourdon templeton replaces David rooney
Denis McGonigle replaces Les Donaldson
Jonny Slavin replaces Robert Douglas
Tony Silvestro replaces garry gilmour
Craig mccready can't make it
Ian livingstone replaces davie mcgawn
Stephen claudius replaces alan Edmiston
Jim meikle replaces bert Mcadam
Alan maxwell can't make it
Jonny Mccrackan replaces martyn lynn
Declan maley replaces Robert edment
Chris slack replaces dawud qadir
Lee killen replaces kenny rankin
Callum Fitzpatrick replaces scott johnston
Pete smith can't make it
Mark nailen replaces barry smith
Darren Riley replaces callum Fitzpatrick
John brown replaces stephen claudius
Danny coia can't make it
Anthony bennison replaces bryan murray (coat)
John mcginn replaces Anthony bennison
Stevie Sheridan replaces declan maley
Gary scott replaces graham hardie
Robert hoey jnr replaces paddy McMullen
Martyn mcquarrie can't make it
Chris giffney can't make it
Stuart martin can't make it
Alex Coffey replaces ryan davie
Wullie Biggam replaces barry lynn
Danny Hughes replaces paul cochrane
Michael collumb replaces jamie mccutcheon
Mark murray can't make it
Brian borini can't make it
Kevin mcleod can't make it
Kevin Weldon can't make it
Gary parvin can't make it
Darren orr replaces Michael collumb
Daniel Durham can't make it
Anton Conner replaces Alex Coffey
Stephen mcgurn replaces Richard reid
Mark Conway replaces lee mcgivern
John Dawson replaces mick mccallum
Sean kemp replaces gary scott
Robert flint replaces jonathon adams
Antz Morrison replaces denis McGonigle
Darren murray (Sun) replaces Ian livingstone
Dylan stanfield (Sun) replaces John brown
Thomas mcwhirter (Sun) replaces Jonny Mccrackan
Andy McKinnon (sun) replaces angus Cockburn
Bob Douglas (Sun) replaces clark smith
Jamie smith (Sun) replaces kevin Irving
Morgan Mcinness (Sun) can't make it
Graham hardie (Sun) replaces Robert hoey jnr
Ryan davie replaces scott ross
Gary scott (Sun) replaces callum McKinnon
Steven tosh (Sun) replaces stuart Buchanan
Jonathon adams (Sun) can't make it
Liam dunster (Sun)
Edited by vinnyvegas 10-03-2018 09:38 AM

Posts: 1593
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: landsendsolo, 02-02-2018 07:06 PM (#2)

Please remove Les Donaldson, canít make the 10th. Thanks
General Member

Posts: 60
Joined: 15.05.16

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 13-02-2018 06:34 PM (#3)


Posts: 1593
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Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 27-02-2018 12:49 AM (#4)


Posts: 1593
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: geegee1984, 27-02-2018 08:32 PM (#5)

Sorry Vinny can you remove me from this as itís Mothers Day and my missus is having a hissy fit

Garry Gilmour
General Member

Posts: 196
Joined: 07.08.14
Location: Edinburgh
Age: 35

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: djm, 27-02-2018 09:05 PM (#6)

I am on call again that weekend so wont make it

David McGawn

Masters B1 Manager 2018
Scottish Doubles Champions 2005
European Masters Senior B Team Champions 2010
European Seniors Singles Champion 2008
European Seniors B Singles Champion 2012

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Age: -5

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: Reido, 28-02-2018 02:20 AM (#7)

Got the old firm on the suday vinny possibly make it on sat 12ish but no other times
General Member

Posts: 83
Joined: 19.11.14
Location: Rothesay
Age: 27

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: ninja, 01-03-2018 08:29 PM (#8)

Take me out this one mate. Can't make it due to mothers day
Super 15's Champions 2013/2016
Scotland B2 - European Champions 2014 lol
General Member

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Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Wishaw
Age: 37

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: Cyclone, 05-03-2018 08:14 AM (#9)

Sorry Vinnie I can't make this event.

User Avatar

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Location: Overtown

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: crackers, 05-03-2018 08:40 AM (#10)

can t make this now vinnie apologies!
General Member

Posts: 39
Joined: 26.10.12
Location: Airdrie

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: mcfad1, 06-03-2018 04:25 PM (#11)

Sorry vinnie, Mick Mc callum can no longer make this event.
General Member

Posts: 96
Joined: 05.03.14
Location: Coatbridge
Age: 57

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: gazza, 06-03-2018 05:39 PM (#12)

Sorry vinny can't do Saturdays you have replace me Gary Scott
General Member

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Location: denny
Age: 47

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 07-03-2018 08:07 PM (#13)

Draw updated

Posts: 1593
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Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: ScottyBKK, 08-03-2018 07:14 PM (#14)

Sorry Vinny can't make on Saturday 12.15
Scott Rose
General Member

Posts: 25
Joined: 02.11.16
Location: Inverclyde
Age: 52

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 09-03-2018 03:11 PM (#15)

8 spaces available on Saturday for anyone wanting in!!!
None available on Sunday!!

Posts: 1593
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: 2fast2furious, 09-03-2018 08:11 PM (#16)

Vinny, can you take me out of Sunday I'm now working.


Stuart Buchanan

Posts: 122
Joined: 16.01.08
Location: monklands

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 09-03-2018 09:53 PM (#17)

Ok pal

Posts: 1593
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

RE: Wos tour event 3 draw
by: vinnyvegas, 11-03-2018 10:42 PM (#18)

78 players for this weekends wos tour..@ qclub Charing Cross...
A great turnout considering its Mother's Day and the small matter of the old firm game also..
Thanks to everyone,
the qclub for there hospitality,to premier event streaming for another flawless stream and to the players for attending and giving it there all..

The final is currently being played between scott gillespie and ryan davie...
Good luck to both of them...

Next event is on march 30th/April 1st @ Cuehere airdrie
The draw was done by davie residents yesterday and I'll post it tom...
Rankings will also be updated later when I'm home and posted on the fb page..

Thanks and see yous at the next event!!!

Posts: 1593
Joined: 30.12.08
Location: glasgow

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If there is some going to Dalkeith for seniors on Sunday the draw should be done asap

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