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EBA EC 2018
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  EBA EC 2018
by: secretary, 03-03-2018 11:51 PM (#1)


Robert Hoey Scotland Masters A
Alan Reynolds Snr Scotland Masters A
Ross McInnes Scotland Masters A
Gavin Phillips Scotland Masters A
Ray Stuart Scotland Masters A
Hugh McBride Scotland Masters A
Mike McHardy Scotland Masters B
John Watson Scotland Masters B
Michael Watson Scotland Masters B
George Fagan Scotland Masters B
Campbell Sarrison Scotland Masters B
Mark Donnan Scotland Masters B
Stuart Anderson Scotland Masters B
Davie McGawn Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Scotland Masters B1
Stuart Weeks Scotland Seniors A
Martin Fisher Scotland Seniors A
Martin Jones Scotland Seniors A
Billy Snaddon Scotland Seniors A
Jamie Burnett Scotland Seniors A
Jimmy Pollock Scotland Seniors A
Scott Dunbar Scotland Seniors A
Billy Stirling Scotland Seniors A
John Kerr Scotland Seniors B
John Brownlie Scotland Seniors B
Stephen Hepburn Scotland Seniors B
Ricky Anderson Scotland Seniors B
Chris Scott Scotland Seniors B
Niven Adams Scotland Seniors B
Brian Garrick Scotland Seniors B
Robert Warrender Scotland Seniors B
Walter Edment Scotland Seniors B1
Garry Mitchell Scotland Seniors B1
Danny Turner Scotland Seniors B1
Paul Cochrane Scotland Seniors B1
Paul McIntyre  Scotland Seniors B1
Nick Denson Scotland Seniors B1
Thomas McWhirter Scotland Seniors B1
Liam Dunster Scotland Men's A
Scott Gillespie Scotland Men's A
Scott Ross Scotland Men's A
Mark Boyle Scotland Men's A
Ross Fernie Scotland Men's A
Alan Saunders Scotland Men's A
Graeme Sillars Scotland Men's A
Steven Allison Scotland Men's A
Johnny Slavin Scotland Men's B
Pete Smith Scotland Men's B
Ryan Fleming  Scotland Men's B
Marc Fleming Scotland Men's B
David Rooney Scotland Men's B
Lee Killen Scotland Men's B
Steven Campbell Scotland Men's B
Chris Slack Scotland Men's B
Hugh Thomson Scotland Men's B
Scott Coventry Scotland Men's B
Robert Edment Scotland Men's B1
Clark Smith Scotland Men's B1
Vinny Bimendi Scotland Men's B1
David Farrell Scotland Men's B1
Andy MacKinnon Scotland Men's B1
Jamie McCutcheon Scotland Men's B1
Jamie Simpson Scotland Men's B1
Bryan Taylor Scotland Men's B1
Barry Lynn Scotland Men's B1
Scott Findlayson Scotland Men's B1
Mike Shepherd Scotland Men's B2
Ivan Thompson Scotland Men's B2
Chris Sweeney Scotland Men's B2
Kevin Macleod Scotland Men's B2
Chris Giffney Scotland Men's B2
Daniel Wylie Scotland Men's B2
Danny Elder Scotland Men's B2
Bryan Cumming Scotland Men's B2
Scotland Men's B2
Scotland Men's B2
Yvonne Ewing Scotland Ladies A
Netty Anderson Scotland Ladies A
Shona Lucas Scotland Ladies A
Claire Dempster Scotland Ladies A
Ashleigh O'Neil Scotland Ladies A
Jenny Lawson Scotland Ladies A
Gemma Keenan Scotland Ladies B
Amanda Cutt Scotland Ladies B
Jane Doig Scotland Ladies B
Katie Paterson Scotland Ladies B
Rachael Sutherland Scotland Ladies B
Yvonne Saunders Scotland Ladies B
Amber Curran Scotland Ladies B
Hollie Riddell Scotland Ladies B
Angela Tidball Scotland Ladies B
Audrey Beckett Scotland Ladies B1
Kim Black Scotland Ladies B1
Kathleen Paton Scotland Ladies B1
Jacky Williamson Scotland Ladies B1
Fiona Herd  Scotland Ladies B1
Lisa Slavin Scotland Ladies B1
Nikkie Keenan Scotland Ladies B1
trial winner Scotland Ladies B1
Lisa Slavin Scotland Ladies B1
Ryan Fisher Scotland Under 23s A
Bryan Cumming Scotland Under 23s A
Kevin Pooley Scotland Under 23s A
Ryan Walker Scotland Under 23s A
Scott Coventrty Scotland Under 23s A
Stuart McCulloch Scotland Under 23s A
Morgan McInnes Scotland Under 23s A
Sea Aird Scotland Under 23s B
Mark Thomson Scotland Under 23s B
Dylan Stanfield Scotland Under 23s B
Declan Maley Scotland Under 23s B
Stuart Weeks Jnr Scotland Under 23s B
Jay Pettie Scotland Under 23s B
Aiden Fleming Scotland Under 23s B
Marc Hendry Scotland Under 23s B1
Callum Fitzpatrick Scotland Under 23s B1
Christopher Sands Scotland Under 23s B1
Corey Morrison Scotland Under 23s B1
Dylan Gray Scotland Under 23s B1
Joe Herring Scotland Under 23s B1
Mark McAllister Jnr Scotland Under 18s A
Jonathan McDermid Scotland Under 18s A
Josh Kerr Scotland Under 18s A
Andrew Lammie Jnr Scotland Under 18s A
Geo Edgar Scotland Under 18s A
Reece Egan Scotland Under 18s A
Josh Coventry Scotland Under 18s B
Joshuan Allan Scotland Under 18s B
Steven Allison Scotland Under 18s B
Sean Thomson Scotland Under 18s B
Darren Kay Scotland Under 18s B
Regan Paterson Scotland Under 18s B
Logan Hunt Scotland Under 15s A
Luke Taylor Scotland Under 15s A
Blair Gibb Scotland Under 15s A
Reece Coventry Scotland Under 15s A
Aaron Raine Scotland Under 15s B
Ryan Martin Scotland Under 15s B
Ethan Hermiston Scotland Under 15s B
Keiran Kay Scotland Under 15s B
Peter Branney Scotland Under 15s B1
Preston McInnes Scotland Under 15s B1
Taylor Jay Whyte Scotland Under 15s B1
Logan Davidson Scotland Under 15s B1
Alan Reynolds Jnr Scotland LD's A
Liam Walker Scotland LD's A
Andy Fleming Scotland LD's A
Peter Branche Scotland LD's A
Michael Hitchen Scotland LD's A
Johnathan Adams Scotland LD's A
Paul Duncan Scotland LD's B
Tommy McIntyre Scotland LD's B
Walter Marshall Scotland LD's B
Robert Irvine Scotland LD's B
Thomas McBride Scotland LD's B
Ian Hutcheson Scotland LD's B
David Aidie Scotland LD's B
Kristofer Meechan Scotland LD's B
Steven McCaherty Scotland LD's B
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Location: Scotland

RE: EBA EC 2018
by: Jim, 13-03-2018 11:21 AM (#2)

Do we have an events schedule for this

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Location: Scotland

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Done asap? Timescale for asap? The entry deadline was less than 24 hours ago!!!!!!!!

If there is some going to Dalkeith for seniors on Sunday the draw should be done asap

Cruickie, you'd be best speaking to our Promoter, Ross McInnes, about tour events in your area.

Would the SPA consider a tour in Aberdeen in the future? Of some sort

Would appreciate it if you could post 2014 Super 15 Stats 2nd division...cant seem to find them.

Pm for David Duncan

When is the draw for im1 being posted ?

Cheers FCBash

Can somebody tell me where i can find 2017 super 11s player stats? Cant find them in the Super 11s folder only team results....

Bash sent you a pm

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