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Return of League pool?
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  Return of League pool?
by: Baize of Glory, 03-09-2020 10:32 PM (#1)

I’d like to know what the SPA’s thoughts are as to the return of League pool throughout Scotland and do they have any advice or guidelines for us?

As secretary of the East of Fife Pool League I am constantly getting asked when League pool will return.

I would have liked and expected the SPA, as our country’s governing body, to have issued some form of guidelines in the same manner as the governing bodies of the likes of golf and bowls have for their respective sports.

The only government guidelines I have seen referring to pool tables state that “procedures and customer communications should ensure that no crowding can result from the use of these facilities and that noise levels are kept low with no shouting. Customers using pool tables should be encouraged to wear face coverings as this is a requirement in snooker and pool halls.”

I am aware that the SPA have cancelled all of their tournaments for 2020 but I feel that we, as affiliated leagues, should be given guidance and advice from our governing body on where we go from here.

Is it ok to start League business up again but just keep the noise down? Do we have to wear masks? Should we have risk assessments and cleaning materials in place?

I’d hate to start up and have to stop again and I’m sure many others are of the same mindset.

Regards, Gary Bremner, Secretary, East of Fife Pool League.
Baize of Glory
General Member

Posts: 37
Joined: 14.09.14
Location: Thornton, Fife
Age: 42

RE: Return of League pool?
by: methodinthemadness, 03-09-2020 11:22 PM (#2)

Any communication would be a bonus.
Any update on Im refund does that in turn come with affiliation
Refund? Or is it carried over or docked 80p for the 2 months before
Lockdown helpless
M muir

Winners are born, not made lol
General Member

Posts: 120
Joined: 18.03.14
Location: kilwinning

RE: Return of League pool?
by: FlyingScotsman, 04-09-2020 09:26 AM (#3)

Gary the SPA have said that they are not going to be doing any pool this year, as for next year we cannot comment as no one really knows what is going to happen as it changes day to day and from area to area.

The SPA is the governing body of pool in Scotland but as we have informed all leagues before its up to them and their committees to make decisions, as they have done in the past and asked the SPA to uphold their decisions on a number of things and mainly the SPA do just that in cases of discipline etc.

The SPA events be they Supers or IMs means that players from, all leagues who have entered have to take part, if for whatever reason one league says they cannot or will not do it, then we must back them fully.

You say yourself you would hate to start and then stop again, reason for that is we don't know, no one does.

The health and safety of players supporters etc is the first thing and really the only thing that matters, as we have pointed out we have made the decision to not play any SPA events until further notice but its up to each and every league to make their decision if they want to start playing again this year.

As for you Mr Muir, your an arse and as i have said before im willing to refund you any entry fee you have paid from my own pocket, tell me what you have paid and where you want it sent.
Edited by FlyingScotsman 04-09-2020 09:27 AM

Posts: 10371
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Return of League pool?
by: methodinthemadness, 04-09-2020 01:40 PM (#4)

Return my Im money to my league rep
Your probably right, that I am but rather be straight forward than a snake! im no 1 of the sheep that follows every word
You say like your god. Keep milking the flock for every penny you can you've made a business from it clap. Catch you on the backstroke bye
M muir

Winners are born, not made lol
General Member

Posts: 120
Joined: 18.03.14
Location: kilwinning

RE: Return of League pool?
by: Sting, 04-09-2020 02:15 PM (#5)

I'd think the fact the 8 people from 3 households is still in play then league pool is a no go, singles league are gonna suffice for now.

As for the SPA president address members like that it is laughable, but not a surprise.
Triumphant Return
General Member

Posts: 1517
Joined: 16.01.08
Location: Falkirk

RE: Return of League pool?
by: methodinthemadness, 04-09-2020 04:12 PM (#6)

Wasn't going to add anymore but 3 guys have asked the same
Question over the past months to no smart reply, you've obviously got a problem with me. I call it as i see it to my detriment sometimes. Im no
Looking for a squabble over this woss square the dosh then im
Gone. Its funny how its everytime i question £ you go all 4-5-1.
So were clear im no interested in whatever you have to say.
M muir

Winners are born, not made lol
General Member

Posts: 120
Joined: 18.03.14
Location: kilwinning

RE: Return of League pool?
by: Baize of Glory, 05-09-2020 08:39 AM (#7)

Thanks for your reply Ross Cool
Cheers Sting, I wasn’t aware of the 8 people rule but will take it on board Cool
Edited by Baize of Glory 05-09-2020 08:40 AM
Baize of Glory
General Member

Posts: 37
Joined: 14.09.14
Location: Thornton, Fife
Age: 42

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