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The Scottish Pool Association General Fundraising
Fundraising thru Affiliation
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  Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: maxi, 11-05-2010 11:49 AM (#1)

Looking at how much larger cue sports organisations raise money, the EPBF who run the Eurotour at 9 ball and the WPA who are our overall governing body all take 5% of all prizemoney paid out in any affiliated tournaments.

Why don't the SPA introduce a similar procedure.

Any tournament which wishes to be sanctioned by the SPA or even use the SPA membership by advertising on the SPA website have to donate 5% of all prizemoney.

This could raise considerable funds on a yearly basis for the SPA and this could be spread out to help so many areas develop it would be unbelievable.

Y&J could receive a lot of funding.
Coaching could be grown throughout Scotland with a network set up.
Grassroots could receive substantial funding.
International teams could be funded a lot better....
etc etc, the list is endless.

What are peoples thoughts on this idea? It means that the more events people play in the more money that is generated for the SPA and EVERYONE could benefit.

You also take 5% off event SPA event prizemoney as well. So IM, Scottish, Superleague, Grassroots, Seniors Tour.....

So the question is, do you think people would object to having 5% taken off their prizemoney.

On my own tour it would mean that last 32 losers would receive 28.50 instead of 30. The winner would receive 570 instead of 600.

In the IM the winner would receive 950 instead of 1000. So it doesn't make a great deal of difference to the individual but can lead to substantial figures over a season.

The IM and my own tour along would raise in the region of 2k.
Scottish roughly 250.
Super 15's and Super 11's would be in the region of 1k, maybe more as can't remember how many teams go the A events and B events...
The you would have the likes of Ross's tour, the big entry tournament that have been run in CP like the 500 a man etc

I reckon 5k per year would not be an unreachable figure.
Fingers crossed!

Posts: 15050
Joined: 06.04.10
Location: Glasgow
Age: 49

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: FlyingScotsman, 11-05-2010 12:11 PM (#2)

I would go with this Maxi, the prize money in my tour would be 24000 if I got all 96 in, now that would mean giving the SPA 1200, sounds a lot but if we are to take this game to the next level, then people have to reconise the SPA as the governing body for all pool and as long as the money went back out to the players to help them develop, then I think this would be a good thing.

We have an EGM to discuss the changes to next years IMs, why not bring it up there.

Posts: 10112
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: lumie, 11-05-2010 12:40 PM (#3)

Maxi,keep talking.
Its a joy for me to hear this coming from someone with a bit of clout in the game.

I tested the water with this on the DDPL website last year.My sole intention was for monies raised to go to youth development,to get the laddies proper professional coaching.

If im being honest,it got a poor response,one lad even gave me the "how dare you ask us to give something back" attitude.

Hearing yourself and Ross champion this has to be a good thing and i hope it gets the nod.

Just remember that the Scots are tighter than a photy finish though.........or is that just Fifers?.........Ross?Pfft
General Member

Posts: 875
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Age: 71

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: FlyingScotsman, 11-05-2010 01:14 PM (#4)

No that's them all but really I do believe that most of our members will back something like this IF they see and know that the money is going directly into the sections of pool that need it.

What we don't want is money being raised to go into someones pocket and that I believe is what some people will think will happen.

So Maxi will get a proposal ready for the next meeting and then we will see what the area reps feel about it, what I can tell you is that I asked for 2500 from the SPA for the International fund and the reps voted for 3200.

Posts: 10112
Joined: 10.01.08
Location: Dunfermline

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: Bash, 11-05-2010 02:33 PM (#5)

What's the changes being discussed at the EGM?
Serve no master, but your own ambition.

Posts: 4530
Joined: 10.12.07
Location: Lanarkshire

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: maxi, 11-05-2010 02:35 PM (#6)

Your rep should cascade this to your members.
Fingers crossed!

Posts: 15050
Joined: 06.04.10
Location: Glasgow
Age: 49

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: maxi, 11-05-2010 02:37 PM (#7)

It's not a set in stone proposal, an EGM has to be called so a decision can be made to change the IM for next year because we can never change it for the season at the AGM as everyone has already paid their entry beforehand.
Fingers crossed!

Posts: 15050
Joined: 06.04.10
Location: Glasgow
Age: 49

RE: Fundraising thru Affiliation
by: alligator, 11-05-2010 03:46 PM (#8)

sounds a good idea maxi will benefit so many.gets my vote 100 percent.
wait and strike when the time is right

Posts: 4581
Joined: 20.10.08
Location: glasgow

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When the seniors draw getting done?

Anyone know if there is any provisional date for the super 11s premier next year?

Cheers FCBash

Trying to get it up and running - John working on it.

Any streams for the ims today

No dress code for the qualifiers Davy.

I take it that their is no dress code for the 15s qualifiers folks

Will the draw for 15s play-offs be done this week? Only 3 weeks away .

Cheers bash, the deadline for Supers payments is now behind us, can't the draw be done sooner? Ta

IM5 online now. Supers will likely be a couple of weeks

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