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Posted by vinnyvegas on 13/07/2011 14:39

tonight will be the semi and final of the top16 event...

david riggins v peter simpson
anton riley v james duke

there will as usual be a 5 flyer on tonight also..

7.30pm start...matches first to 4..

Posted by vinnyvegas on 14/07/2011 01:42

well done to David Riggins beating Anton riley 8.5 in the final of the first Harleys flyer/league tonight...
Also to Darren riley who won the 50 winner takes all consolation tourney for everyone who failed over the 12 weeks to make it into the top16 in the rankings...
Well done to Ryan davie and Chris slack on reaching the final of tonights flyer and splitting the cash..there will be a 3week break now in order for some decorating work to get done and a new floor to be put in around the tables area..but we hope to have everyone and more back when the flyer/league starts back in a few weeks time...
There will be a few changes to the current system to try make things even better,such as new handicaps,points,length of league etc..all will be made clear shortly...

Posted by JASONVOORHEES on 14/07/2011 22:44

well done David....

well done Darren......My 1st Signing for the Q-Club aswell.....



Posted by vinnyvegas on 10/08/2011 11:38

Harleys Wednesday flyer starts tonight.7.30pm start.
All matches first to 4,5 entry...
Also a plate flyer event for 1st/2nd round losers.
All matches first to 3,3 entry..
The flyer runs for 16weeks and in addition the top16 ranked players will battle it out for a prize fund of 500 in the top16 event,also everyone else will qualify for the winner takes all 50 event..

Hope to see you at the flyer and good luck...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 12/08/2011 21:23

23 Players for week1 of the flyer on wed night..well done to mark Boyle defeating Anton riley in the final....myself and Ryan davie split the 2nd flyer..
The rankings are on the glasgow site and ill get them loaded on here shortly...
Hope to see more of you next wed..

Posted by The Big Dog on 12/08/2011 22:38

mark boyle, diff gravy the now, defo the no1 on form.........

Posted by vinnyvegas on 13/08/2011 00:45

Yeah...he struggled through a couple rounds but was clinical in the final..

Posted by vinnyvegas on 17/08/2011 16:59

week 2 of the flyer tonight guys..
all matches first to 4..
there will also be a 2nd flyer for 1st and 2nd round losers..

so plenty pool on the go..

23 players last week so hope to get 32 or more tonight..

Posted by vinnyvegas on 24/08/2011 16:50

25players last week for the flyer
well done to billy reid and aldo splitting the money..
well done to mark boyle winning the mini flyer...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 24/08/2011 16:50

25players last week for the flyer
well done to billy reid and aldo splitting the money..
well done to mark boyle winning the mini flyer...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 24/08/2011 16:53

week3 of the flyer tonight guys.......

5 entry matches first to 4..

also mini flyer 5 entry for 1st/2nd round losers,matches first to 3.

updated rankings are on glasgow site and up in the club also.

Posted by vinnyvegas on 25/08/2011 02:10

well done to both goobsy and billy reid splitting the money in the flyer tonight..27 players...
and to kevin glen who along with myself split the mini flyer...13 players..

upto date ranking after week3 are as follows.....

(attendance 5pts,matches won 3pts)

1.billy reid 42pts
2.anton riley 36pts
3.aldo mcleod 28pts
4.vinny bimendi 27pts
5.mark boyle 25pts
5.james duke 25pts
7.peter sanderson 24pts
8.jimmy mcmeekan 21pts
9.david riggins 19pts
10.james kelly 18pts
10.stevie cochrane 18pts
10.darren riley 18pts
10.stuart mcdonald 18pts
14.scott gillespie 17pts
15.del greenlees 16pts
15.andy armstrong 16pts
17.john mcginn 15pts
17.kevin glen 15pts
17.declan maley 15pts
17.stuart smith 15pts
21.andrew mulvey 14pts
21.colin downie 14pts
23.paul graham 13pts
23.derek maley 13pts
25.ross simpson 11pts
26.campbell sarrison 10pts
27.wes fox 8pts
27.antz morrison 8pts
27.chris slack 8pts
27.stuart robertson 8pts
31.scott grady 5pts
31.james ross 5pts
31.alex lynn 5pts
31.ryan davie 5pts
31.andy rattigan 5pts
31.james bonner 5pts
31.gary scott 5pts
31.craig jarvie 5pts
31.ian wilson 5pts
31.ewan mcrobert 5pts....................

Posted by vinnyvegas on 01/09/2011 12:42

26 players for last nights flyer..

well done to andrew mulvey beating david riggins in the final of the main flyer and well done to ryan davie beating stevie cochrane in the final of the mini flyer....

rankings after week4 are...

1.anton riley 44pts
2.billy reid 42pts
2.aldo mcleod 42pts
4.david riggins 36pts
5.andrew mulvey 34pts
6.james duke 33pts
7.vinny bimendi 32pts
8.jimmy mcmeekan 26pts
8.james kelly 26pts
10.mark boyle 25pts
11.peter sanderson 24pts
12.stevie cochrane 23pts
12.darren riley 23pts
12.stuart mcdonald 23pts
15.paul graham 21pts
16.john mcginn 20pts
16.stuart smith 20pts
16.declan maley 20pts
19.colin downie 19pts
19.wes fox 19pts
19.antz morrison 19pts
19.chris slack 19pts
23.scott gillespie 17pts
24.del greenlees 16pts
24.andy armstrong 16pts
26.kevin glen 15pts
27.derek maley 13pts
28.ross simpson 11pts
28.mick millen 11pts
30.campbell sarrison 10pts
30.ryan davie 10pts
32.stuart robertson 8pts
32.ross mclean 8pts
34.scott grady 5pts
34.james ross 5pts
34.andy rattigan 5pts
34.alex lynn 5pts
34.gary scott 5pts
34.james bonner 5pts
34.craig jarvie 5pts
34.ewan mcrobert 5pts
34.ian wilson 5pts
34.stevie johnston 5pts
34.jackie macintyre 5pts
34.mark brownlie 5pts
34.anton jnr 5pts.....................

the flyer will not be on next week due to im4 qualifiers taking place in the club but will resume as normal the following week...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 15/09/2011 16:27

well done to ryan davie and stevie cochrane on splitting the main flyer last night and to myself and eric kelly on splitting the mini flyer....
24 players for the main flyer and 12 in the mini flyer..

Posted by vinnyvegas on 20/09/2011 01:48

due to there being 2 scottish singles section qualifiers in harleys tom night the flyer will not be will however return next wed and every week after...updated ranking after week 5 are on the glasgow site..remember top16 ranked players play in a ko comp after 16 weeks with a 500 prize pool..

Posted by vinnyvegas on 29/09/2011 00:42

well done to aldo mcleod and peter simpson on splitting the money in the flyer tonight...20 players...
week 7 next week...
all matches first to 4..
handicaps in place...
16 week format with prize pot of approx 500 for top16 ranked players to play for..
upto date rankings are on the glasgow site and up in the club...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 10/10/2011 16:57

the flyer has been interupted as of late with all the qualifiers for different events but as of now will be back to normal without any interuptions....
so week 7 will be this wed 7.30pm start...all matches first to 4...
normal handicaps apply....
also we have new sets of balls for all the tables for the flyer...

hope to see all the usual players and some more each wed night...

you can register by tx on 07800638599 if your running late...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 18/10/2011 13:43

27 players for last weeks flyer,well done to david riggins beating peter sanderson in the final,unlucky to myself and goobsy losing in the semis...well done aslo to stuart smith winning the mini flyer final against darren riley......

updated rankings are as follows...

after week 7....

1.anton riley 63pts
2.james duke 60pts
3.aldo mcleod 56pts
3.vinny bimendi 56pts
3.david riggins 56pts
6.peter sanderson 52pts
7.stevie cochrane 50pts
8.ryan davie 46pts
9.andrew mulvey 44pts
10.billy reid 42pts
10.paul graham 42pts
12.james kelly 41pts
13.darren riley 38pts
14.wes fox 37pts
15.antz morrison 35pts
15.john mcginn 35pts
15.stuart smith 35pts
15.declan maley 35pts
19.craig jarvie 32pts
20.scott gillespie 31pts
21.stuart mcdonald 28pts
22.colin downie 27pts
22.ross simpson 27pts
24.jimmy mcmeekan 26pts
25.mark boyle 25pts
26.andy armstrong 21pts
27.chris slack 19pts
28.del maley 18pts
29.peter simpson 17pts
30.del greenlees 16pts
31.kevin glen 15pts
32.scott grady 13pts
32.ross mclean 13pts
34.mick millen 11pts
34.rab mccutcheon 11pts
34.adam kirk 11pts
37.campbell sarrison 10pts
37.ewan mcrobert 10pts
37.mark brownlie 10pts
37.gary scott 10pts
41.scott robertson 8pts
41.ross mclean 8pts
41.eric kelly 8pts
41.gary bower 8pts
41.stevie elder 8pts
46.paul mcutcheon 5pts
46.james ross 5pts
46.andy rattigan 5pts
46.alex lynn 5pts
46.james bonner 5pts
46.ian wilson 5pts
46.stevie johnston 5pts
46.jackie mcintyre 5pts
46.anton jnr 5pts
46.steven bell 5pts
46.norman young 5pts................

week 8 this wed 7.30pm start....
all matches first to 4
handicaps apply
top 16 pot of 500
also mini flyer for 1st/2nd rd losers
all matches first to 3
5 entry for both..

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 20/10/2011 13:15

25players for the flyer last night
well done to aldo mcleod beating anton riley in the final,unlucky to mark boyle and norman young in the semis,also well done to ryan davie and wes fox splitting the mini flyer....

updated ranking after week 8 are as follows....

1.anton riley 80pts
2.aldo mcleod 76pts
3vinny bimendi 67pts
4.james duke 65pts
5.david riggind 64pts
6.stevie cochrane 55pts
7.peter sanderson 52pts
7.andrew mulvey 52pts
9.ryan davie 51pts
10.billy reid 50pts
11.james kelly 46pts
12.darren riley 43pts
13.paul graham 42pts
13.wes fox 42pts
15.john mcginn 40pts
15.stuart smith 40pts
15.declan maley 40pts
18.mark boyle 39pts
19.antz morrison 35pts
19.colin downie 35pts
21.craig jarvie 32pts
22.scott gillespie 31pts
23.stuart mcdonald 28pts
24.ross simpson 27pts
25.kevin glen 26pts
25.jimmy mcmeekan 26pts
27.peter simpson 22pts
28.andy armstrong 21pts
29.chris slack 19pts
29.norman young 19pts
31.del maley 18pts
32.del greenlees 16pts
33.mark brownlie 15pts
34.scott grady 13pts
34.ross mclean 13pts
36.mick millen 11pts
36.rab mccutcheon 11pts
36.adam kirk 11pts
39.campbell sarrison 10pts
39.ewan mcrobert 10pts
39.gary scott 10pts
42.stuart robertson 8pts
42.eric kelly 8pts
42.gary bower 8pts
42.stevie elder 8pts
46.paul mccutcheon 5pts
46.james ross 5pts
46.andy rattigan 5pts
46.alex lynn 5pts
46.james bonner 5pts
46.ian wilson 5pts
46.stevie johnston 5pts
46.jackie mcintyre 5pts
46.anton jnr 5pts
46.steven bell 5pts................

updated handicaps......

all matches first to 4

mark boyle
anton riley
aldo mcleod
ryan davie
scott gillespie

vinny bimendi
james duke
david riggins
peter sanderson
andrew mulvey
billy reid
wes fox
antz morrison
colin downie
ross simpson
peter simpson
chris slack
adam kirk
campbell sarrison
gary scott
paul mccutcheon

stevie cochrane
james kelly
darren riley
paul graham
stuart smith
craig jarvie
stuart mcdonald
kevin glen
jimmy mcmeekan
andy armstrong
norman young
del greenlees
scott grady
ross mclean
mick millen
rab mccutcheon
stevie elder
james ross
andy rattigan
alex lynn
stevie johnston

john mcginn
declan maley
del maley
mark brownlie
ewan mcrobert
stuart robertson
jackie mcintyre
anton jnr
eric kelly
gary bower
james bonner
ian wilson
steven bell

please note +2 players will always start match on 1 there opponent will drop a frame..

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 26/10/2011 13:14

week9 of the flyer tonight guys..
7.30pm start..if running late tx 07800638599 to confirm entry.....
all matches first to 4..
handicaps apply..
500 top 16 pot..
check post above for latest ranking positions and handicaps...

also mini flyer for 1st/2nd rd losers
all matches first to 3

both 5 entry

see you tonight and good luck to all...

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 02/11/2011 17:12

week10 of the harleys wed night flyer tonight
7.30pm start
all matches first to 4
handicaps apply
top16 pot of 500
also mini flyer
all matches first to 3
both 5 entry

good practice for the scottish and upcoming county events...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 03/11/2011 03:01

Well done to both mark Boyle and David riggins splitting the main flyer tonight and to wes fox and Andrew mulvey on splitting the mini flyer....

Week 11 of 16 next wed night..

The remaining 6 weeks will be double ranking points...

So it will be 10pts for attendance and 6pts per win...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 09/11/2011 10:20

Remember guys double points from tonight...

So if you thought you were safely in the top16 or had no chance of getting into top 16...

Think again....

the remaining 6 weeks are double points....

10Pts for attendance and 6pts for every match won....

So if you want to be in the top16 after the 16 weeks,you will need to attend the flyer most of not all the remaining weeks...

Top 16 pot will be 500.....make sure you qualify..!

See you tonight...

7.30Pm start
All matches first to 4
handicaps apply
Mini flyer also
Matches first to 3

Posted by vinnyvegas on 10/11/2011 15:21

well done to anton riley beating myself to win the flyer last night and to aldo beating ryan davie to win the mini flyer....

week 12 of 16 next week...

double points on offer for remaining 5 weeks to get yourself in the top 16 and in with a shot of the 500 prize pool...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 16/11/2011 12:12

Week 12 of the flyer tonight...
Good chance to get in some practice for the supers this weekend...
Harleys...rutherglen main st..glasgow...
7.45Pm start
All matches first to 4..
Handicaps apply
5 Entry...
Double ranking points on offer
Top16 pot of 500.....

Posted by vinnyvegas on 23/11/2011 14:16

Harleys wed night flyer
7.30Pm start
All matches first to 4
handicaps apply
5 Entry

Good chance for guys going to pet Bay this weekend to get some practice in...

Posted by vinnyvegas on 24/11/2011 10:29

Well fone me on winning the flyer beating Ryan davie in the final...
Also well done to Scott Grady winning the mini flyer beating James Kelly in the final....

Week 14 of 16 next week...double ranking points...

So if your close to the top 16 or in it at the moment,you'll need to be there the last 3 weeks to ensure you stay it get in The top16 to qualify for the 500 top16 pot...

See you all next week.