Thread subject: The Scottish Pool Association :: Hangover Cup - Session Times - 02.1.13

Posted by Staffe on 21/12/2012 14:19

The draw has taken place for the 2013 Hangover Cup

Players should be there 15 minutes before scheduled Match Times

One frame will be docked for every 10 minutes late, no exceptions

Your match will not be called before its scheduled time unless both players availale

12 noon section

Andy Gerrie
Darren Mathew
Simon Mitchell
George Henderson
Colin Brown
Jamie Smith
Joe Sayers
Lindsay Ahern
Mark Oaten
Marc Davis
Andy Eagar
Martin McIntosh
Paul Reid
Dave Wardleworth
Jamie McNolty
Euan Jessiman
Barry Calder
Mike Kelly
Richie Cradduck
Lee Craig

1pm Section

Ross McIness
Philip Craig Jnr
Jim Coltart
Phil Craig Snr
Dave Barker
Jamie Ahern
Derek Ahern
Phil Boyce
Tony Reynolds
Martin Campbell
John Cox
Antz Morrison
Thomas Bannon
Wayne Murray
Scott Harley
Neil Patience.

Be at venue for 1.30pm

Sean Graham
Cammy Morrison
Chris Lawrie
John Falconer
Graeme Cusine
Dave McCulloch
Trevor Wood
George Morrison
Garry Scott
Mikey Jack
Ross Davis
Richard Bruce