Thread subject: The Scottish Pool Association :: WOS Tour 2018 event 2 draw!!

Posted by vinnyvegas on 11/01/2018 20:14

West of Scotland tour
Event 2
Jan 27/28
Pockets paisley

Couple things b4 I move onto the draw

1.everyone should now be aware of the dress code,I let it slip at first event but from now on it's full dress code of trousers,shoes and polo !!
2.if you have a * beside your name your on 1 no show,you owe £20 to be paid at next event,if you are a no show again you will be taken off the tour..

Thanks guys and now for the draw..!!

Draw for event 2 is as follows

Sat 11am

Jim Steven
Mick Mccallum
Colin Downie
Bryan murray(glas)
Robert hoey jnr
Lee killen
Anton Conner
Gerry Quigley
Stevie Sheridan
Walter edment
Geoff Campbell
David farrell
Danny coia
Frank Mcdonald

Sat 12.15pm

James Casey
Gary Parvin
Scott gillespie
Callum McKinnon
Chris Gibson
Richard reid
Paul aird
Jim meikle
Andy rhattigan
Jonny Mccrackan
Kevin Mclean
Joe herring
Marc Hendry
Vincent bimendi
Jourdon templeton
Dylan bonar

2nd round matches 1.30pm
3rd round matches 2.45pm

Sat 4pm

Paddy McMullen
Robert edment
Dylan stanfield
Boab tinney
John brown
Paul Mcintyre
Kieran riddell
Scott rose
Daniel Oconner
John mcginn
Angus Cockburn
Graham hardie
Graham sillars
Alec Coffey
Mark Nailen
Davie Paterson

Sat 5.15pm

Scott Docherty
Clark smith
Davie reid
Mark Conway
Alan hazel
George Fagan
Alan maxwell
Steven Mcgurn
Chris giffney
Anton Riley
Lee Mcgivern
Rab Allen
Stephen claudius
Tony Silvestro
Daniel durnam
Paul Sanderson

2nd round matches 6.30pm
3rd round matches 7.45pm

8 qualifiers return for last 16 at 3pm on Sunday

Sun 11am

Jamie smith
Barry lynn
Jim Wilson
Sean riach
Darren Riley
Jim Devlin
Bob Douglas
Martyn mcquarrie
Charlie shaw
John Mcfarlane
Colin mckechnie
Declan Maley
Tony Mccartan
Dawud Qadir
Marco pediani
Pete smith

Sun 12.15pm

David Baillie
Allan Barnes
Thomas Mcwhirter
Danny Hughes
Len ratcliffe
David rooney
Andy Biggam
Graham Baxter
Jamie mccutcheon
Johnjo Mccauley
Andy McKinnon
Scott johnston
Scott ross
Ryan davie
Martin Keenan
Jonathon Adams

2nd round matches 1.30pm

Last 16 3pm
Quarters 4.30pm
Semis 6pm
Final 7.30pm


Darren murray replaces tiger
Jourdon templeton replaces William Edmiston
Denis McGonigle replaces barry smith
Jonny Slavin replaces scott simpson
Tony Silvestro replaces charlie shaw
Craig mccready can't make it
Ian livingstone replaces jamie mccutcheon
Stephen Claudius replaces george paton jnr
Jim meikle replaces george paton snr
Alan maxwell replaces David rooney
Jonny Mccrackan replaces denis McGonigle
Declan Maley replaces alan Kinmont
Chris slack replaces es Jonny Slavin
Lee killen replaces Les Donaldson
Callum Fitzpatrick* replaces chris slack
Pete smith (Sun) replaces barry smith
Mark Nailen replaces Ian livingstone
Darren Riley replaces Kenny rankin
John brown replaces garry Gilmour
Danny coia replaces callum Fitzpatrick
Anthony bennison working!!
John mcginn replaces paul graham
Stevie Sheridan replaces Andrew will
Gary scott replaces mike mchardy
Robert Hoey jnr replaces Mark Johnstone
Dylan stanfield replaces alan Edmiston
Martyn mcquarrie replaces alan kane
Chris giffney replaces stuart Buchanan
Stuart martin can't make it
Alex Coffey replaces Billy Edmond
Wullie Biggam replaces kevin Irving
Danny Hughes replaces wullie Biggam
Michael collumb replaces andy lees
Kevin Mcleod can't make it
Anton Conner replaces joe Findlay
Steven Mcgurn replaces Paul cochrane
Paul cochrane replace Michael collumb
Charlie shaw (sun) replaces marc Hendry
Jamie mccutcheon (sun) replaces paul cochrane
Mark Johnstone (sun) replaces gary scott
Daniel durnam replaces danny Hughes
Marc hendry replaces jack mcgarvey
Dylan Horne added
Mick Quinn replaces Bryan Murray (coat)
Mark Conway replaces jimmy Mcmeekan
Mark murray can't make it
Darren orr
Brian borini can't make it
Kevin Weldon can't make it
Gary Parvin replaces Johnjo Mccauley
David rooney (sun) replaces martin lynn
Thomas Mcwhirter (sun) replaces mark johnstone
Andy McKinnon (sun) replaces davie mcgawn
Jamie smith (sun) added
Morgan Mcinness (Sun) can't make it
Danny Hughes (Sun) added
Johnjo Mccauley (Sun) added
Jonny Slavin (Sun)
Jordon graham (Sun)

Can reserves please make sure they are available if possible as most if not all usually get used..
Most changes to the draw usually occur in the last few days b4 the event so expect a pm or tx from me to ask if your able to play!!

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Posted by wully edmiston on 12/01/2018 10:08

I can't make this one vinny so take me out please

Posted by Stephenclaudius on 12/01/2018 17:33

i would love to play in this wos but i need to work on the saturday until 2 oclock..... if i do get selected to play, can i please be in the two later draws? i can be there anytime after 1430


Posted by simmy on 12/01/2018 23:51

Hi vinnie I canít make this event m8 cheers
Scott Simpson

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 18/01/2018 00:27

With the b trial now in the sat,if there is anyone in that and can't make this please let me know so i can put reserve in!!

Posted by landsendsolo on 19/01/2018 07:55

Remove Les Donaldson, I canít make this event now. Thanks

Posted by kingdo on 19/01/2018 14:45

Add me Vinney as i.ll be in with Johnny anyway cheers

Posted by geegee1984 on 21/01/2018 13:53

I canít make this event next week as Iím in Barcelona. Please remove me Garry Gilmour

Posted by vinnyvegas on 22/01/2018 23:53

Draw updated !!

Posted by vinnyvegas on 23/01/2018 19:20

Just so everyone is aware there is a problem with the venue for the weekend regarding the internet connection and it will not be able to support the stream..

So I am in discussions the now in arranging an alternative venue..

Will confirm as soon as I can.

Posted by gazza on 23/01/2018 22:36

Sorry can't make this now vinny

Posted by vinnyvegas on 23/01/2018 22:47

Guys this weekends tour event will now be in pockets paisley !!!

Posted by 2fast2furious on 24/01/2018 08:37

VInny can you take me out this weekend as im working.


Stuart Buchanan.

Posted by vinnyvegas on 25/01/2018 19:49

Just another reminder!!!

This weekends tour event is now in pockets paisley !!!

Draw upto date

Posted by Jim on 25/01/2018 20:33

Can't make Saturday' now take me out thanks

Posted by vinnyvegas on 26/01/2018 08:30

As there are more than one jim..
A name would be helpful so I take out the right player.thanks

Posted by scottyj on 26/01/2018 08:46

vinnyvegas wrote:
As there are more than one jim..
A name would be helpful so I take out the right player.thanks

Jim mcmeeken I think it is Vinnie

Posted by djm on 26/01/2018 09:56


I meant to remind you after last event that I cannot make this event as on call with work.

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 26/01/2018 11:16

No bother davie


Posted by daz1982 on 29/01/2018 00:57

Got to say what a difference the streaming is on this event
Well done to all involved and hope this gets into all events from now

Posted by vinnyvegas on 29/01/2018 18:36

Firstly I would like to say a big well done to liam dunster on winning the event at the weekend,there is just no stopping him!!!
Although farrell did come mighty close in the semis...
A big well done to david rooney teaching the final,great to see david back playing and at the business end of events aswell..

Now I'm sure maxi knows as we all do that the tables were not great at pockets at the weekend but let's remember that this event was meant to be in the qclub but due to wifi issues we had to change the venue at very short notice...pockets was scheduled to host tour event 3 in march and maxi had planned on having the tables done a couple weeks b4 that event which would have been fine,but with the change in venue only giving him 3/4 days notice it was just not possible for him to get them recovered in time for the weekend..I did try other venues also such as ballroom Glasgow and Cuehere but neither could hold the event at such short simply swopping events 2 & 3 around was the only thing I could do...a big part of this tour is the excellent streaming we have and it takes it too a whole new clubs must make sure they have the wifi facilities to support it otherwise they won't get the events it's that simple..

Event 3 will now be held in the qclub charing cross provided the wifi issue has been sorted!!!
I will put contingency plans in place and give plenty notice if anything has to be changed..but I have been told that it will be sorted by middle of Feb..

I would like to thank all those for adhering to the dress code,this was only implemented at the start of this year and bar 1/2 folk everyone was dressed appropriately...everyone should now know from now on..

I have started up a fb page for the tour as most of you will know and are on already but if your not then look it up on fb and join the page..all details are on there also.

The draw for event 3 eill be carried out on wed night...!!

Posted by ThePinkSlink on 29/01/2018 19:56

Great coverage and well run event although same old problems with matches running into small hours of morning.

Runner up only getting £180? Seems very very low for a main event. Breakdown of entry fees / prize money available?

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Posted by vinnyvegas on 29/01/2018 20:14

The reason event went on so late was that we could only use 6/8 tables on the Sunday as one was rolling all over the place and 1 had a big rip on it and players didn't want to play on it which is fair enough..
As for prize money..
The only reason it seems low is because £5 per player goes into the grand final from each event...
All players know this..
But people not on the tour may not,they just look at it from the outside and don't know and think prize money quite low..
When in actual fact the prize money for the grand final is in the region of £4500-£5000!!!!

Hopefully as we move forward we can get more sponsorship on board and we can put more money into each event aswell !!

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Posted by simmy on 31/01/2018 16:47

I am ok for next event vinnie if any cal offs cheers scott