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Posted by FlyingScotsman on 02-02-2018 16:41

I have had to change the date for the Ronnie Ferrier National Nines for 2018.

It will now be held on the weekend of 14/16th September, again all players over the age of 40 with a few exceptions , one being young Chris Ferrier, another other being ladies and there may be a few players [not good ones] that will want to play, just because its Ronnies event.

Now I know its hard to get players to make up a team event, even harder when they have to be that age but we are not getting younger and on looking at the amount of players both in the Seniors and Masters events, I think we can do it this year.

We had 18 last year and I hope to get he max of 24 this year.

Now a long way yet for the event but I'm asking players over the age of 40 to start thinking about putting a team in, no payment just now, in fact no details other than it will be in groups of six subject to us getting the full 24 teams.

Like the Jackie Paterson Scottish 5 person team event, it will be a fun event with no dress code.

So I'm asking here and now, just for players to start posting their interest, that way I can talk to the captains etc and make sure we fill the event in time.

Posted by thekid on 02-02-2018 16:44

Lads years winners .... RONNIES ROCKETS ❤️

Posted by jabba on 02-02-2018 20:13

Last years "losers" side winners - Dundee Shotz!!!

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 02-02-2018 22:43

1/ Ronnies Rockets
2/ Dundee Shotz
3/ Tabbters Tarts
4/ Dunfermline oldies
5/ The Shire Big Favs but what the hell, seen that kind beat before?
6/ Monklands.
7/ Cumbernauld.
8/ Uddingston
9/ Glasgow
10/ East of Fife A
11/ East of Fife B [pro]
12/ The Cammy

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Posted by snadz on 02-02-2018 22:46

The shire Ross please

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 02-02-2018 22:54

Billy Snaddon and Michaela Tabb, sounds like a snooker reunion.

Posted by thunderbird on 02-02-2018 23:00

Am just pleased the date change doesn't clash with anything else , AGAIN !.

Posted by knowledge on 03-02-2018 11:42


Posted by FlyingScotsman on 03-02-2018 14:59

thunderbird wrote:
Am just pleased the date change doesn't clash with anything else , AGAIN !.

It did Gary, it clashed with my UK championships, I had a decision to make and decided to go with the Ronnie Ferrier event.

Posted by DOSSER on 03-02-2018 20:52

Team Uddingston will be back in this year Ross.
(Robin Johnston)

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 05-02-2018 15:08

I know its a long way off 14/16th Sep but thanks for the 8 leagues who have already said they are sorting a team out to enter this.

Posted by Clnmckec on 16-02-2018 09:25

Hi Ross can you add a team in fro glasgow please.

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 16-02-2018 12:33

Done thank you.

Posted by Baize of Glory on 16-02-2018 13:41

Ross the East of Fife Pool League have the ball rolling. We had two last year so hopefully get the same again once interest is confirmed

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 10-05-2018 14:08

Just saw a good few posts on Facebook today, its always sad when you see that another year has went by since he left us.

Anyway, lets start getting this full.

12 teams have informed me that they are coming in at present, we had 18 last year, lets see if we can get to the full 24 this time around.

Posted by Jim on 11-05-2018 23:03

Can you add the the cammy please

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 12-05-2018 08:35


Posted by Jim on 12-05-2018 17:50

They come from West dumbartonshire played last year under a different name

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