Thread subject: The Scottish Pool Association :: 2018 Seniors Tour Event 1 Draw

Posted by FCBash on 14/02/2018 22:11


Please find below the link to the draw for the 2018 Seniors Tour Event 1.



Posted by SHUFF on 17/02/2018 10:07

Craig Martin at 3pm v kevin McLean ... Craig cannot make ill health...please inform Kevin McLean he has a bye.... I shall pay craigs £10

Posted by SHUFF on 17/02/2018 11:03

SHUFF wrote:
Craig Martin at 3pm v kevin McLean ... Craig cannot make ill health...please inform Kevin McLean he has a bye.... I shall pay craigs £10

Kevin McLean is now aware of his Craigs unfortunate circumstances ... He will now only need to turn up for next match... if that's correct

Posted by Cyclone on 17/02/2018 11:25

Any live stream today?

Posted by scottyj on 17/02/2018 13:10

Cyclone wrote:
Any live stream today?

It Tomorow

Posted by welshy on 17/02/2018 16:58

I'm not making this tomorrow 11am Mike McKeddie has a bye all the best for the next round. I'll pay tenner at next event.

Posted by the legend on 17/02/2018 18:22

I'm unable to make tomorrow.
I my 10.quid a supers next weekend.

Tony Reynolds

Posted by maxi on 17/02/2018 21:20

Colin Downie canít make it tomorrow

Posted by BISTO on 17/02/2018 21:53

maxi wrote:
Colin Downie canít make it tomorrow

I have let Mick McCallum know he now has a bye

Posted by Hendo EoF on 17/02/2018 23:55

Match 39
Mike Murdoch can no longer attend the event.
Mark McGregor has a bye.

Posted by davek75 on 18/02/2018 01:20

Sorry for the late post ...Christopher Sweeney 10am can't attend tomorrow

Posted by maxi on 18/02/2018 20:59

No live scoring? No live stream? No results?

Posted by secretary on 18/02/2018 21:04

maxi wrote:
No live scoring? No live stream? No results?

Live scoring is in usual place

Choice of Seniors or Under 23's

Streaming - sorry SPA don't supply camera's to each section

Posted by maxi on 18/02/2018 21:39

Too hard to post a link Davy?

Posted by secretary on 18/02/2018 21:42

maxi wrote:
Too hard to post a link Davy?

Too hard to download the app Maxi

You get it from whichever place you get your apps from, depending on type of phone

no comments about Under 23's and Under 18's scores and lack of streaming from Corner Pocket?

Posted by BISTO on 18/02/2018 23:12

Has this stopped at the Quarter Finals??

Posted by pedro on 19/02/2018 08:48

BISTO wrote:
Has this stopped at the Quarter Finals??

Itís a wonder they got that far!!

I lost to Mark Dobson at around 12.45 and he didnít start his next match til after 6pm I think!!!

Posted by the monkey on 21/02/2018 12:09

absolute disgrace this was stopped at last 8

the ref came up to me at 8,30 and said this was our last game as decision has being made about stopping the event at last 8 stage

when ross beat me in semi of Scottish masters it was after 12 we got finished

a hope gary Mitchel is reading this again cause gary it is a farse and if you were there a no it would be played to a final

plus some one text me saying how can we share ranking points well use cant this will need to be finished
as this can effect who finishes number 1 to get in the Scotland team

was in bed for 2 days with bug so ross can you explain please

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 23/02/2018 08:32

I will try to explain Billy.

As we all know the senior section had a very large entry for the first event and as such one part of the section was behind, it looks like a decision was made to stop at the quarters stage, which in my opinion was a bad decision.

They could have played on with the remaining quarters as far as they could, as now we have 8 players , to get to a finish and i know how long it took to just get the final two to play in some cases.

Anyway, I will be talking to the senior committee over this weekend and somehow we will get this all finished, hopefully before the next evebnt starts, if not it will be done there.

I know people may have a long way to travel at the end of an event like this but , they also know if they get to the later stages of this event, it will be late in the night.

One other thing has to happen from now on, any club selected to host a Senior ranking event, must have a back up club nearby to help out in case we have a large entry, Again I will help the senior section with this and make sure that the host venue and the other venue agree to this.

People do travel together, I totally understand this but players have also asked the senior committee to keep this to just one day but we cannot have it all ways, with the size of entries we are getting for this section.

At the venue, when using one, we have a TD and a ref but they need help to make sure games go on as quick as possible when one match comes to a finish, this is done at the Masters events with the Masters committee members there along with myself helping Davy and the ref wherever we can.

The Senior section is now down to just 3 and if any player wishes to help out and join this section, they should contact Tiger or Garry.

Mistakes happen and when they do you fix them, no point on getting angry, lets just work together to make sure they don't happen again.

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Posted by Cyclone on 23/02/2018 08:55

No point in getting angry.... smhilarious

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 23/02/2018 09:02

lol getting older mate.

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 23/02/2018 13:21

Had a quick look and its no where near at all a gran ?d that is outstanding, as a good few who missed one event, then paid at the next one.

Will go over it all in full this weekend and have a list for members to pay early Monday.

Posted by Slicer on 27/02/2018 10:22

what about the event itself Ross? Last 8 to be played, or not? When? Where? cheers

Posted by FlyingScotsman on 27/02/2018 12:22

It has to be played as Billy has pointed out ranking points as well as prize money to be decided.

Where when, I don't even know the last 8 and who plays whom, once I get that information, I will sort things out with these boys, may take some time though.