Thread subject: The Scottish Pool Association :: 2020 SPA MM IM#1 Qualifiers

Posted by FCBash on 04/01/2020 09:47

Please use this forum if posting the qualifiers for the 2020 SPA MM IM#1 Finals.

This is a responsibility of the Reps to post full lists rather than individuals posting one qualifier at a time.

As usual, this will, hopefully, also act as a reminder for those Reps who have still not submitted their area qualifiers and/or full results.

The following areas have not submitted their qualifiers:

None smclap

REMINDER: The deadline for qualifiers is midnight on Sunday 1st March.

The following areas have submitted their qualifiers but have NOT submitted their full list of results:

East Lothian

REMINDER: The deadline for full results is midnight on Wednesday 4th March.

Extract from email to be sent to Reps:

These deadlines will be strictly enforced; any late submission of area qualifiers will mean the area will lose their qualifying spaces. Late submission of full results shall see players who did not qualify for the national finals from that area lose their ranking/merit points for that event.


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Posted by junior1 on 26/01/2020 18:33

Paisley qualifiers

George Paton jnr
Stephen Shaw
George Daley

Full results emailed in.

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Posted by BrianA on 30/01/2020 20:28

Borders Qualifier

David Brydon

Posted by Caufield83 on 31/01/2020 14:46

Doon Valley qualifier

Mark McAllister Jnr

Posted by danny on 02/02/2020 19:09

Midlothian qualifiers

1. Michael Gallacher
2. Struan Bain
3. Scott Roarty
4. Danny Turner
5. David Kinnear

Top 16
Ross Fernie

All the best!

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Posted by weeksy on 04/02/2020 18:19

Berwick upon tweed qualifiers
Stuart weeks snr
Lee bell

Posted by young-gun1 on 08/02/2020 20:19

Ayr and District

Martyn Linn
Ciaran Murphy

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Posted by TNT on 11/02/2020 07:39

Dundee qualifiers

Top 16

Marc Fleming
Ryan Fleming


Shahid Razaq
Scott Coventry
Gary McLeish

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Posted by Gmac on 12/02/2020 15:05

East Lothian Qualifier

Mark White

Posted by mistert62 on 15/02/2020 17:35

Cowdenbeath pool league
Lewis McHoul top 16
Ivan Thompson Qualifier

Posted by mcfad1 on 15/02/2020 19:50

Coatbridge Quaifiers
1.Andrew Norrie
2.Alan o'donnell
3.David Molloy
4.David mc fadyen
5.Marc johnstone

Posted by Cyclone on 15/02/2020 23:47

Motherwell qualifiers

Gerry Quigley
Alex Struthers
Robert Williams
Billy Neil

Posted by Danny the geetar man on 16/02/2020 20:52

Bannockburn Qualifiers

John Laird
Paul McKechnie

Posted by sumo2403 on 18/02/2020 22:35

Burntisland qualifier
1 Graham Chalmers

Posted by PaulRamsay67 on 19/02/2020 20:15

Clydebank winner

James mcmeekan

Posted by CPB_Captain on 20/02/2020 13:42


Top 16

Steven Bennie


Mark Boyle
Graham Rae
Alan Valentine
Steven Laird
Greg Anderson


Posted by Sherrit on 20/02/2020 23:31

Perth Qualifiers

Niel Rogers
Paul Gowrie
Scott Dunbar
Ian McDonald

Posted by parkarab on 22/02/2020 18:14

Forfar Qualifiers

Eddie Hunt SNR
Dave Keogh

Full results sent in.

Posted by Kenny07 on 23/02/2020 22:48

Kilmarnock Qualifiers

Top 16

Greame Sillars


1. Hugh Thomson
2. Davy Lusk
3. Brian Garrick

Posted by pedro on 24/02/2020 09:45

Clackmannanshire qualifiers

1. Ryan Walker
2. Robert Horne
3. Mike Watson
4. Denis Lindsay

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Posted by Steven K on 26/02/2020 13:06

Dumfries qualifiers

Jamie Stewart
Paul Harkness
Mark Lockhart

Posted by rabcurran on 26/02/2020 20:43

Is there somewhere on the site that explains how merit points and frames for are counted?

Posted by Cruickie75 on 26/02/2020 22:14

Aberdeen qualifier,

Simon Mitchell

Posted by RabP on 27/02/2020 08:51

Livingston Qualifiers

Keith Robertson
Davy Forrest
Colin Simpson

Posted by gandalph on 27/02/2020 16:22

rabcurran wrote:
Is there somewhere on the site that explains how merit points and frames for are counted?

FCBash is the best one to ask

Posted by FCBash on 27/02/2020 21:43

rabcurran wrote:
Is there somewhere on the site that explains how merit points and frames for are counted?


The merit points and ranking points form part of the IM rules document which can be found in the IM forum.

Frames For, this is the number of frames won in a players last match in each event.


Posted by Scott on 27/02/2020 22:42

Edinburgh qualifiers:

1. Adam Fleming
2. Garry Laing
3. John Milne
4. Scott Finlayson
5. Donald Brown
6. Robert Carter
7. Brad McIlwraith

Top 16. Gary Gracey

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Posted by Kenny07 on 28/02/2020 12:32

East Ayrshire qualifiers

1. Roy Stephens
2. Callum McKinnon
3. Allan McLaren

Posted by usandusonly on 28/02/2020 21:23

East Kilbride Qualifers

David Pickup Jnr
James Hanney

Posted by PaulEOF on 29/02/2020 09:06

East of Fife Qualifiers

Top 16

Kevin Macleod

Local Qualifiers

Euan Waddell
Kris Cairns
Billy Martin
Alan Henderson
Alan Saunders

Posted by FCBash on 29/02/2020 09:36

Arbroath qualifiers

David Jack
Greg Alexander
Paddy Nicoll
Colin Brown
Steve Webster
John Cargill

Posted by Basher on 29/02/2020 13:07

Dunfermline qualifiers

Morgan Mcinnes
Andy MacKinnon
Craig Adamson
Kyle Cochrane
Stuart Smith

Top 16

Liam Dunster
Alan Reynolds Snr

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Posted by stuartsmith on 29/02/2020 13:58

The previous post has a few mistakes and missing names, so just posting myself to ensure people dont miss out by accident.

Dunfermline Top 16:

1. Liam Dunster
2. Alan Reynolds Snr

Dunfermline Qualifiers:

1. Morgan McInnes
2. Andy MacKinnon
3. Craig Adamson
4. Kyle Cochrane
5. Stuart Smith

I'm sure this mistake would have been spotted, but since cut off date is so close I just thought I'd post up myself.

Posted by Ivan Thompson on 29/02/2020 16:11

When will IM 1 be drawn?

Posted by secretary on 29/02/2020 17:16

Ivan Thompson wrote:
When will IM 1 be drawn?

When the entries are in .... doh....

Posted by Maccaz85 on 01/03/2020 10:07

Inverness Qualifiers -

Christopher Ross
David Sinclair

Posted by Drover on 01/03/2020 14:27

Uddingston Qualifiers

1. Fred Williams
2. Jamie Wharrie
3. Jim Stephen
4. Garry Murphy
5. Robert Douglas

Posted by gandalph on 01/03/2020 19:30

Ladies qualifier
Kathy Paton

Posted by Fruits on 01/03/2020 19:36

Central Ayrshire Qualifers

1. Geo Edgar
2. Daniel Durham

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Posted by johnreid on 01/03/2020 19:36

Whitburn qualifiers

John Scott
John Reid
John Watson

Posted by Grant smith on 01/03/2020 22:05

West Fife qualifier

James Gibson

Posted by AllanONeil on 01/03/2020 22:31

Cumbernauld Qualifiers:

Robert Hoey Jnr
Chris Slack